If Dana White Gets Deal with Gina Carano Done on Monday, She’ll Likely Fight Ronda Rousey First

July 20, 2014

SantosCarano025SF16It’s a story line that has been playing out for months: will the UFC get the deal done with Gina Carano, and if they do, will she fight Ronda Rousey upon arrival?

The main part of that question is still out on the shelf. The UFC thus far has been unable to secure Carano’s name on a contract. UFC president Dana White in Dublin on Friday, however, seems rather sure that the deal will be done, as soon as Monday.

White is slated to meet with Carano and her lawyer on Monday to try and iron out details.

If it does get done, it appears the rest of the story is mostly written.

If Gina Carano signs to fight for the UFC, she is likely to skip the line and step into an immediate title shot.

“I think so,” answered White when queried about an immediate title shot for the women’s MMA pioneer. “It’ll probably be early December.”

While many people want to see the fight, there are just as many that question whether or not Carano, having last fought in a losing effort against Cris Cyborg in 2009, is deserving of a shot at Rousey when she returns to the cage.

“Here’s the thing with that. She did a damn good job against Cyborg, and Cyborg was a little jacked up on Mountain Dew in that fight,” said White. “And, she’s the one that started this whole women’s MMA craze. And, Ronda wants to fight her.

“Ronda has done everything that we’ve asked her to do. This is like a GSP situation, when GSP asked us for Diaz. How would I say no to GSP? Ronda wants this fight bad. Gina wants the fight bad too.”

That’s lofty regard for Rousey, but White doesn’t shy away from his critiques that question whether or not Rousey is worthy.

He absolutely puts Rousey up amongst the best of the best the UFC has ever had under contract, male or female.

“(Ronda) is the greatest athlete I’ve ever worked with, on every level,” he stated.

“She got an ESPY (for Best Female Athlete). She opted to get her surgeries and get them done instead in order to heal faster instead of showing up and doing the whole ESPY thing. That’s a huge thing. Every big star in sports is there. This girl went and got both of her surgeries done so she could heal faster and get back in there and perform again. I’ve never dealt with anybody like her.”

White has a tremendous amount of respect for Carano as well, but Rousey has definitely earned her stripes to get what she wants in his eyes.

“Gina is important. I think it is a big fight. It’s a fight that Ronda Rousey wants, and Ronda’s been very good to us. If that’s what she wants, then I’m gonna try and get it done.”

This is as close as White has ever come to saying, yes, we’re gonna sign Carano, and yes, she’s going to fight Rousey first. The only hurdle left appears to be the dollar signs and the details.

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