If Conor McGregor Had His Way, There’d Be No Time Limits and No Rounds

November 8, 2013

Conor McGregor FS1 Workout 2-478x270Fighters are often times asked if they could change one rule in mixed martial arts, what would it be? The responses range from getting rid of the ten-point must system of scoring to brining back allowing knees to a grounded fighter.

UFC featherweight Conor McGregor would like to turn back the clock to the early days of the sport and eliminate rounds and time limits.

“Me, personally, I’d love to scratch it all and do no time limit, not separation, no nothing. Let the contest go, and it’s over when it’s over,” said the Irishman during a recent question and answer session in Manchester, England.

“People say, ‘we want a finish.’ Trust me, someone will break. No time, a man will break,” added the outspoken 25-year-old.

The last UFC event that featured no time limits and no rounds was UFC 4: Revenge of the Warriors on Dec. 16, 1994, at the Expo Square Pavilion in Tulsa, Okla.

There wasn’t any need for judges. Referee “Big” John McCarthy oversaw Royce Gracie winning the eight-man tournament by defeating Ron van Clief, Keith Hackney, and Dan Severn all by submission in the same night. The only fight on the card the exceeded the now-standard three five-minute rounds system was the final between Gracie and Severn. The fight lasted 15 minutes and 49 seconds.

McGregor was six-years-old at the time.

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