If Brock Lesnar Wants to Fight, Bellator MMA Wants a Crack at Him

The possibility of former UFC heavyweight champion and current WWE superstar Brock Lesnar returning to mixed martial arts splashes across headlines every couple of months. UFC president Dana White is routinely asked about Lesnar in interviews.

It’s no secret that Lesnar was a big draw and would be again if he returned to mixed martial arts. And that’s why the UFC is open to Lesnar returning and why Bellator MMA is also interested in signing him.

In a recent interview with On The Record, White stated that the UFC would be open to brining Lesnar back if the 37-year-old wanted to return.

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“If Brock wants to come back; I have a great relationship with him, the door is open for him,” said White.

Brock Lesnar vs Randy CoutureHe added that he didn’t think Lesnar wouldn’t sign with competitor Bellator MMA.

“Brock Lesnar wouldn’t go to Bellator. Brock wants to fight the best guys in the world. The best guys in the world are [in the UFC],” said White.

Despite White’s prediction, Bellator president Scott Coker wants to talk to Lesnar about becoming part of the Viacom-owned organization’s roster.

“We’ve had a conversation internally and it’s worth a conversation, but that’s something we’ll pursue maybe later into January,” Coker said during an appearance on The MMA Hour.

“I would say, look, any fighter that’s out there or any star athlete – not star athlete in the sense of a baseball player, but like a Brock Lesnar – that really wants to fight, we’re going to have a conversation with them. Because if they can move the needle, we’re going to want them on Spike TV,” said the Bellator president.

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“I think that he’s a big needle mover,” he added. “There have been several years that have passed and I think that he still has the WWE limelight. So, I think that he still has a lot of star power, but to come back and say, ‘Hey, I want to train, I want to commit, I want fight,’ that’s going to be a big commitment on his part. We haven’t had a conversation yet, but we’d like to at some point.”

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