Photo’s by Greg Honda
(Top two photos: Jason Miller and Falaniko Vitale; Bottom photo: Harris Sarmiento and K. J. Noons)

Falaniko Vitale and Jason Mayhem Miller are ready to square off for Friday night’s main event of the Icon Promotion’s “Opposites Attract”.

A press conference was held Wednesday as both fighters took pictures and fielded questions from reporters. A sold out crowd is expected for this weekend’s fights from the Blasidell Arena in Honolulu.

The winner of Miller vs Vitale will get an immediate title shot against the champion, Robbie Lawler. Lawler will be at the event on Friday watching closely. Promoter T. Jay Thompson gave a very good breakdown on the fight yesterday on MMAWeekly Radio. If you didn’t get a chance to hear the interview, click on the radio archive. Here is the entire card….

Falaniko Vitale vs. Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller
K.J. Noons vs. Harris Sarmiento
Nick Ring vs. Mike Malone
Steve Byrnes vs. Bob Ostovich
Kimo Woelfel vs. Wayne Perrin Jr.
Harvey Nakamura vs. Ryan Lee
Lyle Nicely vs. Billy Hall
Chico Cantiberos vs. Kevin DeLima
Brain Wiehle vs. Jose Fernandez
Makana Albino vs. Bryce Martinez
Kaika Choy-Fu vs. Lorenzo Moreno
Makoa Hanaike vs. Bronson DeLima