Ian ‘Uncle Creepy’ McCall’s Fight Blog On the Road to Tachi Palace Fights Part 4

November 11, 2011

(photo courtesy of XSight)

by Ian McCall – special to MMAWeekly.com

Tachi Palace Fights champion and No. 1 flyweight Ian McCall joins MMAWeekly.com for an exclusive blog leading up to his title defense on Dec 10.

This is week No. 4 with the champ:

Finally! I have someone to punch in the face for money.

It took a while, but we finally settled on Josh Rave. He has a pretty decent record, but hasn’t really pulled through on any of his bigger fights it seems. Let’s hope he doesn’t start now.

I’m looking at his record and apparently he likes being submitted. I’m just happy I get to get in there and compete. I have to put food on the table for the Mrs. and the rest of the gang.

Speaking of food I have stepped my diet up a bit. I start becoming a little stricter with mostly carb consumption especially at night. I try and only have fruit carbs directly after I workout or ill drink my carb supplement during my training sessions.

I haven’t started cutting my sodium yet. I won’t do that until about two weeks out. It’s amazing how much easier it is to cut weight when you have very low amounts of sodium in your system.

My training is still very intense. Sparring session are around 10 5-minute rounds with a new person usually in every couple rounds. My coach will have me go with one person just boxing another kickboxing, one for wrestling or BJJ and of course there’s always one for full MMA.

I think having to go from one to the other and back to everything at once, if that makes sense, is a huge help in being able to make my transitions while fighting seamless, which is something I pride myself on being able to do very well.

I have been sparring with elbow pads on a lot more then I have in the past and I am finding my rage with them more and more. Over the past few fights I have been able to use them a lot and I love it. If you haven’t ever been hit with an elbow standing or on the ground then you wouldn’t understand, but man it really sucks, especially if the person knows how to throw them hard.

Whether it’s in the clinch or from the outside with a spinning back elbow, when you do connect, there’s no padding and there’s not multiple joints to break up the force. It’s just sharp bone thudding into your face like getting hit in the face with a boat oar.

In MMA people do a lot of things like elbows, leg kicks, etc. with proficiency and “ok” accuracy, but with no power and half ass technique. If I’m going to hit you with something, I’m going to make it hurt. Sure you can use any strike as a set up but it’s a strike, right? Make it hurt. That’s the point.

So when you do go to fake someone, he flinches or reacts in and that sets up what you really want to do. This camp I haven’t been swimming as much as I usually do, but I still make it to the pool once or twice a week. I vary my swim workouts between sprints and time. If I do sprints it’s all out down and back. If It’s for time ill swim for at least 30 minutes straight at a moderate pace and always changing up my strokes and breathing techniques.

I received an interesting call today from Lou Di Bono, apparently he is Malki Kawa’s business partner in First Round Management – the people that rep Jon Jones, Carlos Condit and others. They were interested in representing me, which is flattering, but I’m already being repped by my good friend Jason house, who is CEO of Iridium Sports Agency.

I’m very loyal when it comes to that kind of stuff and plus I have heard nothing but very negative things about those guys, so the last thing I need is to be associated with shady people. I’m not saying any of its true or that I believe it or that I even care if it was, but I just recently went through some crazy shady business stuff with my old boss and a guy I became good friends with, being arrested for the murder of his business partner.

So as you can imagine I’m staying away from people that I even have the slightest hint of negative vibes from. It’s an entire story in itself and when I write my book you can read all about it. It’s just time to take a step back and look at who my real friends are.

I’m super excited for the fights this weekend. Not only because the fights will be awesome, but the UFC in my back yard, in the “OC” and on Fox for the first time. It’s only the beginning of something amazing.

I won’t be at the fights, because I’ll be with my little family, but it’s just nice seeing how things are headed. Plus the Pacquiao/Marquez should be awesome. I was raised watching boxing, so ill be a fan for life because of fights like this one.

Even if it is a dying sport compared to MMA, it will always mean a lot to me. It sure would be nice if in my life time us top MMA guys could make boxing money… 40 million dollars a fight is something anyone can appreciate.

Maybe I can become a Senator after I become the first UFC flyweight world champ. You never know.