Ian ‘Uncle Creepy’ McCall’s Fight Blog On the Road to Tachi Palace Fights Part 2

October 27, 2011

(photo courtesy of XSight)

by Ian McCall – special to MMAWeekly.com

Tachi Palace Fights champion and No. 1 flyweight Ian McCall joins MMAWeekly.com for an exclusive blog leading up to his title defense on Dec 10 against Will Campuzano.

This is week No. 2 with the champ:

Hello people it is your loyal servant and champion.

As the date approaches I get more and more excited. I love my job and can’t wait to get in there and do work.

My diet has gotten easier and easier and my training schedule is on point now that I have it all figured out. I don’t have to be as strict and after being on a crazy strict paleo in the past simple stuff like rice, bread and pasta one or twice a week is a nice treat.

With my time restraints being what they are I started using my mornings as my main training time. I am at innovative results every morning for cardio, strength and conditioning and that’s where I meet up with my sports psychologist.

From there I head to Team Oyama to get one-on-one time with my coaches whether it’s Colin Oyama or Giva Santana.

Scott Epstein has been coming down a bit to help me out with BJJ as well. He’s a super famous award winning actor and he’s my friend, no big deal.

At night I’m either taking care of my wife or teaching and rolling.

Having two longer and harder work outs one after another is a hard push, but it’s gotten my cardio back to where I’m happy with it so by fight time I should be on point as usual.

We went to the baby doctor again and my little girl is already 7.5 pounds, so hopefully she will be around 8 pounds or more when she is born. It is crazy thinking I’m going to have a kid in a few weeks.

Its’s great motivation having a few extra mouths to feed.

My wife and I actually got to get out of the house on a double date with another couple I’m friends with and I realize how little I actually go out and hangout with people. I guess now I’m supposed to hangout with other people who have babies.

Luckily my friend and long time MMA mentor Chuck Liddell is having a baby girl a month after me, so as usual I’ll be able to go to him for advice. He showed me what a true people’s champion should act like so I’m sure he won’t mind showing me how to be a good dad.

When you train as hard as I do, I guess you have to be a bit of a hermit. The spoils of war are always better when you win. When you win, people want you for all kinds of reason.

Sponsors always love a winner and im lucky enough to have people like Brian Deegan call me up and reassure me that Metal Mulisha will be in the MMA game and I’ll be on their team.

I have been training him on and off for a few months and you guys would be surprised with how tough he is. He’s fighting in a charity event that will be shown on fuel soon, so check it out.

Speaking of charity events I’ll be putting on a demo with Shane del Rosario this weekend in Bakersfield for the Fight for Life cancer event.

If your in the area come by say hello and give back a little. I had a long time friend die of cancer recently, so it is something I’m really happy to be doing.

If you’re into bodyboarding then you know who Eddie Solomon is. Go to his website and buy one of his t-shirts..662mob.com while you’re at it check out my website to unclecreepymma.com.

Uncle Creepy