Ian ‘Uncle Creepy’ McCall’s Fight Blog On the Road to Tachi Palace Fights Part 1

October 21, 2011

Ian McCall (photo courtesy of Iridium Sports)

by Ian McCall – special to MMAWeekly.com

Tachi Palace Fights champion and No. 1 flyweight Ian McCall joins MMAWeekly.com for an exclusive blog leading up to his title defense on Dec 10 against Will Campuzano.

This is week No. 1 with the champ:

Hey people this is the freaking champ coming at you live and direct from… well my house.
I’m sitting in bed with my dogs and wife watching Sons of Anarchy.

This is my first time blogging, so sorry if I suck and or don’t make sense. I’m getting ready for my first title defense for the Tachi Palace Fights Flyweight title against Will Campuzano. He’s very tall for a 125-pound fighter, has good kickboxing, punching power and I don’t know about much else, but I do know that I’ll be ready.

And as usual, just like the last guy I fought Darrell Montague; Campuzano sent me a challenge and dared me to stand with him. The plan worked out great for Darrell, so I hope he has fun with that one.
I’m thinking of not even throwing a punch. Maybe I will just take him down and take a nap on top for the next 25 minutes or so… just kidding.

I promise I’ll put on a show as always. I have had a much slower start for this training camp then what I’m used to, but to be honest it’s probably best since this will be my fifth fight in 13 months. I have been training for a fight straight through for about 18 months now and its takes its toll. I’m always in good shape, so getting into peek fight shape is never far off. I’m having my first baby in three weeks and now that the baby shower is out of the way and my baby is almost here it’s getting easier.

I have had to change and tighten up my schedule a bit, but it comes with being a family man. My body is getting used to being a 125-pound frame, so I can already tell that the cut is going to get even easier. I come from a true Muay Thai gym and finding tall skinny kick boxers to spar and drill with isn’t difficult. My head coach Colin Oyama is the main man in charge and has a great game plan in store.

I have been helping people like WBC and WKC title holder Romi Adanza get ready for his Thai fight. I know training with Adanza that I’ll be ready with more sharp and flashy striking for your viewing pleasure. Wrestling wise, I have everything from good high school kids to former NCAA and World Championship placers to show me things and toss me around.

It doesn’t change for my BJJ training with guys like Giva Santana and Laercio Fernandes.
Most people just don’t understand that the more you get beaten up by masters of each discipline the better you’re going to be and the more you’re going to learn. No matter what I’m training on any given day. You can come into my gym and see me getting beat up by someone and what doesn’t kill me only makes me stronger. Strength and conditioning and my diet I work with Corey Beasley from Innovative Results.

I’d like to let you all know now that I hate the man for what he does to me three to four days a week, but he’s a good friend of mine, so I let him slide a little.

I’ll be back soon… tune in next week for more in depth nonsense

And don’t forget to watch me punch some face on December 2nd at Tachi Palace Fights “Redemption” at the Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino in Lemoore California. The show will stream live on Sherdog.com and I’ll be proving again why I am the greatest 125-pound fighter of all time, or at least of the past year.

Cheers, Uncle Creepy