I Want My UFC! DirectTV and Fox Come to Terms

November 1, 2011

Fear not UFC fans, DirectTV and Newscorp (which owns the Fox networks) have come to terms, keeping Fox programming on the satellite television service.

Just as the UFC struck a seven-year deal to air on broadcast television via Fox Sports, as well as a large amount of other programming on the Fox family of networks, including FX and Fuel TV, a distribution disagreement between DirecTV and Newscorp seemed to put a dent in the shiny new deal.

But as the deadline stared both sides in the face, DirecTV and Newscorp came to a last-second agreement to keep the Fox family of networks intact on DirecTV’s service.

“Fox Networks and DirecTV have reached an agreement for DirecTV to continue carrying all Fox Networks,” they said in a joint statement. “We both know the past 10 days have been challenging, but we’re pleased that both sides could eventually come together to ensure our viewers continue to enjoy Fox programming.”

Had the deadline passed without resolution, there was the possibility of the more than 19 million DirecTV subscribers losing access to many of the Fox channels.

UFC president Dana White, as recently as last week, never seemed to worry that an agreement would come to fruition.

“They’ll figure out. If people couldn’t get FX and all the other Fox networks, people would go crazy. It’ll get worked out.”

He was right. The joint statement on Tuesday averted any chance that UFC fans that subscribe to DirecTV would lose access to the promotion’s programming on Fox, FX, Fuel TV, and other Fox outlets.

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