by MMAWeekly Radio & Jeff Cain
Jeff Sherwood broke the story that Karo ‘The Heat’ Parisyan has suffered a quadriceps injury and the November 19th UFC welterweight title bout with Matt Hughes may be in jeopardy. MMAWeekly SoundOff Radio’s Ryan Bennett and Frank Trigg cold called Karo on air to get the latest on the situation.

“I popped a muscle basically. No big deal.” Karo told MMAWeekly. He added, “I’m still going to fight. It’s not that big of an injury to stay out of the fight.”

Karo wants this fight. He’s wanted this fight for a long time. He stated, “I wanted to fight Hughes. I didn’t care if it was a title fight or not. I wanted to fight him from the first time I saw him because I always want to fight the good guys, the champions.”

Asked about his opponent, the UFC Welterweight Champion, Matt Hughes, Karo responded, “It’s not a secret. Matt Hughes is a strong guy supposedly. Right? People say he’s strong. I mean he looks strong. He looks like brute strength and it’s understandable. Like I said, at this point in competition it’s not all strength. I mean he still has technique. The way he comes out and constant energy. He said he wants to stand up with me. That’s fine with me. I’ll stand up with anybody. I don’t really care. At this point, whatever happens, I can use most of his strength toward him for sure.”

Parisyan continued, “I know he’s strong, and he’s going to shoot for legs, and he’s going to try to out muscle me. Everybody thinks they’re going to try to out muscle me. Every guy I’ve fought they thought that. They always underestimate my strength. They underestimated who I was, how I fought. Eventually I surprise them. We’ll see what happens. I’m ready for the fight. I want to fight Matt Hughes. I’m ready for a war.”

Karo spoke at length about his preparation for his UFC 56: ‘Full Force’ title bout with Hughes. Parisyan recently left his former team, but that isn’t an indicator of how he’ll perform in the fight. Evan Tanner left Team Quest just prior to his UFC middleweight championship bout with David Terrell and dominated his way to the title.

Parisyan admitted to MMAWeekly, “I’ve never really, really trained for a fight. I’ve won fights, thank God, on just based on talent. My eating, I mean it’s OK. I’m not a horrible eater, but I should be eating way better. I should be training way better…especially for a title fight. I’ve been training for this fight. I’ve been eating right. I’ve been trying to do my stuff, but like I said I haven’t really been consistent with the training, the eating, and all that scheduling stuff for every fight. I’ve won fights based on talent.”

Karo continued, “I left Hayastan. I’ve been training with Randy a lot, Randy Couture. I’ve been training with Team Punishment guys for a little bit just to try to get used to some really strong guys. I’ve been working on the boxing hands with a couple of good boxing coaches. I’ve been doing a lot of conditioning, a lot of sprints. I’ve been training mostly with Randy and Team Punishment guys. I have other guys like personal Muay Thai guys I train with on the side and stuff, but basically those two.”

Parisyan has become known for his Judo throws and the ability to drop fighters on their heads out of nowhere. His match with Chis ‘Lights Out’ Lytle is a good example. Can Karo throw Matt Hughes? According to him, “I’m capable of dropping anybody on their head if I can get in there, but basically yeah. Of course I can. It’s not impossible. It’s very, very, very highly possible I could drop him on his head.”

Parisyan said he still has pain from his injury, but wasn’t worried about it. He was more concerned with being 100% mentally focused when November 19th rolls around. He commented, “I’m sure it will be OK and ready, but it’s more of mentally that you have to prepare for a fight like this than I have to be perfectly in great shape. You can be in great shape if you get out there and mentally you’re broke. If you’re not mentally ready for the fight, you’ll lose the fight basically.”

Karo Parisyan will be fighting Matt Hughes for the UFC Welterweight Championship on Nov. 19th. A little muscle injury won’t keep him from the opportunity at the belt. His prediction for the fight was, “Every time Karo fights, win or lose, don’t blink. You’ll see something crazy going on in that fight.”