by Mick Hammond – MMAWeekly.com
With the 155-pound division currently one of the most sought after and exciting in MMA, many of the young fighters in the weight class are finally getting an opportunity to step up and make a name for themselves.

Among these top young talents is Roger Huerta of Team Extreme. Currently the holder of multiple IFC Championships, Huerta recently made his successful California debut at last month’s Raze show in San Diego, defeating Joe Camacho by TKO.

“It was a good win. Joe Camacho is a tough opponent,” said Huerta of his win at Raze. “I had a lot of stuff going on in my mind, going over there. I was worrying about finals and family-type stuff, so I wasn’t too focused on the fight. I took a shot to take Camacho down, and he gave me a kick to the face. [It] rocked me, and I thought to myself, ‘I’m in this fight for sure [laughs].’ It gave me a wake-up call, and I started reigning down elbows, baiting him with submissions so I could pass his guard. I split him open, hurt him bad on that one, and took advantage of it.”

Huerta continued, “In my corner after the first round had ended, I was feeling good. The second round started, and I took him down again. Basically, in the first round, I got the cobwebs out and loosened up. In the second round, I took advantage of everything. I got the full mount, started raining down punches and elbows, just going to town, and the last thing I remember is Big John McCarthy stopping the fight.”

While Roger is happy he got the win, he still feels that he could have done better if there hadn’t been so much going on in his personal life.

“It’s a big blur because I honestly… personally, no disrespect to him, I believe myself as a fighter to be one of the best out there,” explained Huerta. “I think if I could focus only on the fight and not have to worry about making money, paying rent, my finals this week, family stuff… I think I would have finished it within two minutes of the first round. It wouldn’t have taken me so long to get a wake-up call. No disrespect to him… he’s a good fighter. He took a lot of shots, but honestly I expected a lot more out of myself.”

Next up for Roger is a return visit to California, this time for the new K2 promotion, which is handled by the same management company as the famed Klitschko brothers of professional boxing fame.

“[On] June 23rd, I have a fight in L.A. at the Staples Center with a promotion called K2,” said Huerta. “That’s the next thing that Monte [Cox, who is Huerta’s manager] has set me up with. I don’t know who my opponent is, but for sure I’m going to be ready for that. I’ll be in great shape and state of mind, and I’ll be ready for anybody I’ll be fighting there.”

Should all go well at the K2 show, Roger feels that his next stop should be in one of the biggest promotions. Specifically, he feels that he has the talent and the excitement factor to participate in the UFC.

“That’s exactly where I’m at. Everybody’s always saying how I’m doing all these fights, lighting up guys, and they wonder when I’ll get that chance,” commented Huerta. “Honestly, I get pissed off seeing some of the guys who are fighting in the UFC. I’m wondering, ‘How the hell did they pick these guys? Where did they find them?’ It’s my time. I’m ready for it, and that’s what’s on.”

He added, “I feel I’m up there with those guys. I’ll give hell to any of those guys… that’s where I see myself. First off, it’ll be an exciting fight. My thing has always been if they don’t keep up, they’ll be TKO’d, knocked out, or submitted. My speed is one speed, and that’s action-packed.”

Huerta is also thankful to those who have supported him, and wants people to know that his fight will be the one to watch at the K2 show in Los Angeles.

Huerta said, “I want to thank Carl Pearson, Justin Hagen, Dave Menne, my mom… everybody who has backed me up. I want to say thank you also to MMAWeekly. To sponsors, I want to say if they sponsor me, they’ll be sponsoring an exciting fighter. For the fans, I expect everybody to tune in for that June 23rd fight at the Staples Center, because I’ll be bringing it. I’ll bring an exciting fight, and whoever fights me better expect one speed – all out – so come check it out.”