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Talk about Surreal. VH1’s hit television show “The Surreal Life” 6, was recently in San Luis Obispo to film their newest episode which will air in January. The cast includes “Mrs. Brady” Florence Henderson, “Mr. Jefferson” Sherman Helmsley, Poison guitarist CC Deville, Tawny Katain of Whitesnake fame, Alexis Arquette, (yes the brother/sister of David who is a cross dresser and just got the surgery to go from male to female) as well as Smash Mouth lead singer Steve Harwell and Playboy TV’s Andrea Lowell.

In Part 2 of the series w/ Chuck Liddell and Poison’s axe-slinging guitarist, CC Deville, watch Liddell train CC. The video is over 20 minutes long and includes training tips on punching, kicking, and takedowns. Also, see a training exercise used by Liddell in The Pit.

Warning: Watching CC Deville train could cause wild laughter and give you inspiration to train. Enjoy the former rocker training MMA on MMAWeekly TV.

“I thought these guys were bar room brawlers or cigarette smokers or weekend warriors” Deville said. “But damn, these guys are legit athletes. I had no idea what it takes to be an ultimate fighter. These guys are legit.” CC said after the workout with Liddell, Antonio Banuelos and Christina Martin. “Hell, the chick (MMA fighter Martin) beat my ass down. I was scared as hell of her.”

Once Deville and the VH-1 crew spent an hour training over at SLO Kickboxing, Bennett took Deville back to the television station to anchor the sportscast. Bennett taught the former Poison star how to edit, write and produce a sportscast. When it came to the show, Deville was behind the anchor desk doing the feature on Liddell and MMA in general. It was comical, funny and informative, all at the same time.

MMAWeekly TV has behind the scenes coverage of CC Deville’s training session with Liddell, Banuelos and others as MMAWeekly was allowed to shoot the experience. Check it out next week, exclusively on MMAWeekly TV. As far as the actual TV show goes, the episode itself will air in January on VH-1 as the Surreal Life starts Season 6.