How Conor McGregor Can Beat Floyd Mayweather

While many people, fans and pundits alike, have written off Conor McGregor in his boxing match with Floyd Mayweather, one very respected boxing coach has not. 

Most people think that McGregor’s big chance against Mayweather is landing the big shot when they meet on Aug. 26 in Las Vegas. The Irishman packs a powerful punch. 

In promoting the fight, UFC president Dana White’s go-to line has been, “When Conor McGregor touches you, you go to sleep.”

While that may be true, that’s not a good strategy according to Gennady Golovkin’s longtime coach, Abel Sanchez.

Golovkin, at 37-0, is one of the few top tier boxers that can claim to be approaching Mayweather’s level of success in the ring. That is due in large part to Sanchez, who told recently that if McGregor waits to land the big punch, he may be waiting all night long. 

Conor McGregor - TorontoIf McGregor wants to have a legitimate chance to beat Mayweather, Sanchez said that he needs to steer clear of the big punch philosophy and move on to a strategy based on volume.

“The only chance he’s got is to move his hands and be faster than Floyd and first before Floyd and just touch him,” Sanchez said about his approach to how McGregor could have a chance to beat Mayweather.

“They say (McGregor) is a big puncher, and if he waits for an opportunity to land a shot, he’s gonna get drilled by Floyd while waiting. So what I would try to do is get him to understand that he’s got to work three minutes out of three minutes and move his hands,” he continued.

“He has to make Floyd uncomfortable, and the only way he can make Floyd uncomfortable is to throw shots… He needs to hit him anywhere. Just piss him off and hopefully, while you’re moving your hands, he makes a mistake and you catch him.”

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Whether or not McGregor takes the approach crafted by Sanchez, GGG’s coach notes there is a significant threat from the UFC lightweight champion no matter what strategy he employs.

McGregor has a brash confidence that makes him a threat in any fight.

“You’re talking about a guy whose bravado is as big as he is. He thinks he’s it, and that makes him very dangerous.”

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