by Damon Martin – MMAWeekly.com
Big wins and title fights are vital to anyone competing in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, but for Houston Alexander it’s always been family first and fighting is just the icing on the cake.

With all the focus on the fight game, many people have recently learned more about the life and background the light heavyweight fighter, including his household chores that keep him busy when he’s not training or working as a deejay in his home state of Nebraska.

“I guess it’s kind of cool for everybody to find out that one of the hardest hitting guys in the UFC actually vacuums,” said Alexander in an interview with MMAWeekly Radio. “I can run a mean vacuum.”

He stays focused on his fighting career by knowing what real pressure feels like on an everyday basis.

“You want pressure … take care of some kids,” he said. “Cause the fighting part is easy.”

While the physical parts of fighting usually take the forefront, it’s the mental aspect that can make or break many competitors. At 35 years of age, Alexander is focused and ready for whatever the UFC will put in front of him.

“It’s very important,” he said about the mental side of fighting. “Fortunately, I have maybe 75 to 80% of that mental game down pat. I’m glad I’m 35 years old. A lot of people say ‘oh, well, 35-years-old is too old in MMA.’

“Well, look at Randy Couture. I think at 35-years-old you’re a lot more grounded. I think you have a few more responsibilities, so you’ve actually got something to fight for.”

What Alexander has to fight for is six children at home that call him “Dad” and he’s already made decisions in life that most will never have to face.

“In 2000, my daughter needed a kidney and a lot of people ask, ‘why does he have this scar on the side of his stomach?’ Well the scar on the side of my stomach is from me giving my daughter a kidney in 2000,” he explained. “When your kids need something like that, you don’t think twice.”

The Nebraskan is quick to point out that 2007 has been a blessing for him and his family and he hopes to keep things on pace with his upcoming bout at UFC 78 in Newark, N.J.

“The fight with Keith (Jardine), the fight with (Alessio) Sakara, all this happened for a reason and if my reason is to bring some type of excitement to the UFC to kind of jumpstart it a little bit, if that’s my job, so be it.”

His opponent in New Jersey will be Chute Boxe and Team Link fighter Thiago Silva, who is currently sporting an undefeated record and fights with a tremendous amount of intensity.

“Thiago (Silva) likes to come out the same way,” said Alexander. “He likes to come out and start striking from the footage I’ve seen and I like doing the same. If you’ve got two guys who like doing the same thing, you’re going to find some fireworks somewhere in the fight.”

In his two fights so far in the UFC, Alexander has dispatched of his opponents in a total of less than two minutes and he’s looking for another quick finish against Silva.

“Here’s a hint. We’re trying to keep it under two minutes,” he said with confidence. “Even after this third fight, we’re trying to keep it under two minutes.”

Always ready for a three-round fight, Alexander says the hard training is almost over and the fight with Silva will be the payoff and he promises an exciting fight.

“I know what you can expect from me. It’s balls to the wall with me. I’m going to get it on until someone’s passing out or tapping out.”