Story by Ryan Bennett, Weigh-In Photos and Report by Marco Antico
While many people are excited about the possibility of Mark Hominick and Jorge Gurgel battling in the UFC in June, you’ll have to forgive Hominick if he isn’t too excited about the fight just yet.

Hominick weighed in today for his fight against Hatsu Hioki in the TKO promotion, and he is completely focused on the fight with Hioki.

“I can’t even begin to think about that fight [the fight against Jorge Gurgel],” Hominick told MMAWeekly’s Ryan Bennett. “My main focus is on Friday because I’m facing the number-two fighter in the world in Shooto, Hatsu Hioki.”

The fight will take place in the 143-pound weight class. Does this mean that Hominick is staying at 143 pounds? Hominick clarified, “I will stay at 145 for my fights unless the UFC calls… then I will jump up to 155. I probably fight best at the lighter weight, but I enjoy fighting for the UFC, so hopefully I can do both.”

Hominick is focused on his fight this weekend in Montreal. If he can win this weekend, then maybe he can focus on his fight with Jorge Gurgel, which is supposed to take place on June 28th in the UFC. Gurgel is coming off knee surgery and is looking forward to his first fight after a very long lay-off.

However, Hominick is solely focused on the Japanese opponent that he will fighting this Friday. “You can’t look ahead in any fight. I’m not going to start by doing it now. He’s a very tough guy coming up Friday,” Hominick said.

Here is the complete information from today’s weigh-ins, courtesy of Marco Antico.

Mark Hominick- 144.2 vs. Hatsu Hioki- 143.8

Mike Bell- 159.6 vs Chris Horodecki- 154.2

Damacio Page- 144.2 vs Thierry Quenneville- 144.2

Alvin Robinson- 154.4 vs Fabio Holanda- 154.4

Stephane Pinet- 201.2 vs Martin Desilets- 203.2

Greg Compton- 152.4 vs Stephane Dube- 155.0

Jarid Bussemaker- 174.0 vs Martin Grandmont- 168.8

Toan Lam- 147.2 vs Steve Cleaveau- 154.0

Brett Pearson- 197.2 vs Sabastien Gaultier- 223.3

Chris Clements- 168.4 vs Lautaro Tucas- 168.2