Holly Holm Routes Megan Anderson at Featherweight, but Bantamweight is Calling (UFC 225 Results)

June 9, 2018

Former UFC bantamweight champion Holly Holm dominated former Invicta 145-pound champion Megan Anderson in the first women’s featherweight non-title fight in the promotion’s history at UFC 225 on Saturday in Chicago.

Anderson landed the first big shot, opening with a knee and a couple of follow-up punches that hurt Holm. The former UFC champion reacted well, however, clinching and putting Anderson up against the fence, where she did the better part of the damage, driving knees into Anderson’s thighs and landing pointed elbows to her head. 

Anderson eventually escaped to the center of the cage, but even though she landed a few solid  punches, but Holm remained the busier fighter and landed a solid front kick to the face that seemed really rock Anderson.

UFC 225 Holly Holm vs Megan Anderosn FaceoffHolm didn’t slow down in round two, coming straight at Anderson from the bell, eventually taking her down and dominating on the ground. Attacking with potential Kimura and arm-triangle attempts, Holm kept Anderson guessing, all the while pummeling her with punches. 

Holm kept the pressure on high throughout the remainder of the fight. She once again put Anderson on the canvas, out-positioning and pummeling her the entire time. 

Even when they regained their feet, Holm was the aggressor, beating Anderson to the punch as the Aussie began to tire as time ticked away. 

Holm had Anderson on the canvas again to finish out the round driving elbows into her thighs before slickly transition to full mount and pounding her with punches. Just before the final horn sounded, Holm dropped into a guillotine choke attempt, but couldn’t finish the fight. She did, however, walk away with a unanimous decision with the judges scoring the fight 30-27, 30-26, and 30-26.

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While the victory puts Holm at the front of the line in the featherweight division to once again challenge UFC champion Cris Cyborg, she feels the bantamweight division, where she was once the champion, tugging at her heart.

“It’s one of those things, my 135-pound belt that’s very dear to me, I want it back,” Holm said after dominating Anderson.

“I want both, I want it all,” she admitted, “(But) the 135-pound belt kind of calls my name a little more because I had it and I lost it.”