Holly Holm releases statement following brutal KO loss to Amanda Nunes

July 10, 2019

Following Holly Holm’s crushing defeat to champ-champ Amanda Nunes at UFC 239 on Saturday, UFC president Dana White expressed his concern for the former bantamweight champion, saying he felt it was time for Holm to consider retirement.

“Father Time is undefeated, he kicks all of our asses, especially professional athletes,” White said at Saturday’s UFC 239 post-fight press conference.

“(Holm is) almost 40 years old and she’s in ridiculous shape. The things that this woman can do physically with the rings and gymnastics and all that stuff is phenomenal. She’s an incredible athlete, an incredible human being. I don’t know. I think she needs to take a look at what’s next for her.”

Holm released a statement via an Instagram story, not exactly addressing White’s call for her to retire, but not sounding like she was quite ready to consider retirement either.

“I always say I get to live the life of a dream. I never actually dreamed of getting kicked in the face, that’s never part of my dream. That’s like on the nightmare part, living a little nightmare, wake up every morning like, ‘Yup, that’s real, that just happened,’” said Holm.

“But I just want you guys to know I’m feeling good and I know one thing: I’m still pushing forward.”

A former world-champion boxer, Holm rocketed to stardom in her UFC career. She amassed a 10-0 record at the start, which included knocking out Ronda Rousey and handy the superstar her first loss in taking the UFC bantamweight championship from her.

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The going has been a little rough ever since. Not that Holm is getting shut out in hardly any of her fights, but she has gone 2-5 since that impressive start to her career. She has twice failed to capture the UFC featherweight title and has now lost in her opportunity to win the bantamweight belt back.

It’s certainly a bitter pill to swallow, but Holm, as is her nature, appears to be taking it all in stride, as she considers her next move.

“A lot of heartbreak right now, but I’m doing fine, I just want you guys to know I appreciate the love and support,” Holm said. “And if you would like to have free lip filler, just get kicked in the face.”

UPDATE: Via her manager, Lenny Fresquez, Holm expressed her emphatic desire to continue fighting.

“(Retirement is) absolutely out of the question. Big bold headline: Absolutely not retiring!” Fresquez told the Albuquerque Journal.

“In all seriousness, that (declaration) is what Holly wants. She’s so sick of hearing that (question).”

Dana White wants Holly Holm to consider her UFC future

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