by Mick Hammond – MMAWeekly.com
With K-1 agreeing to allow Royce Gracie, who is a K-1 contract fighter, to return to the UFC for this weekend’s fight with Matt Hughes, many have speculated that perhaps more K-1 fighters could be headed to the UFC as part of a talent exchange.

Among the fighters rumored to be making the trip to fight in the UFC on loan from K-1 is perennial heavyweight contender Heath Herring.

Even though Heath could provide a major shot in the arm to a UFC heavyweight division that is currently in need of a boost, Heath says that it doesn’t appear as though he will be fighting in the UFC anytime soon.

When asked about the rumors of a talent exchange between the UFC and K-1, Herring said, “I don’t know anything about any of that, to be honest with you. If it was true, I haven’t heard anything about it at all… nothing regarding a fighter exchange, nothing along those lines at all.”

So, with Heath not currently headed to the UFC as far as he knows, the next logical question is when he’ll be fighting in K-1 again. Herring’s last fight in the K-1 Hero’s organization was a knockout victory over Gary Goodridge in March of this year.

When asked about his next K-1 fight, Herring replied with some trepidation, “I wish I knew. Right now, I don’t have a very good contact going with K-1… there’s not good things happening. I can’t really get into it because I’m in a big fight with them right now, but we’ll see what happens.”

Heath continued, “To make a long story short, my contract with K-1 is done in November, so at that point we’ll see what’s available and what’s going to happen.”

In the meantime, Heath will continue to keep himself active and ready should he be called back into action.

“I am training right now,” explained Herring. “Actually, I’m training just because I don’t know what’s going to happen, and just on the off chance that they do say, ‘You’re fighting.’ If not, it’s not the most intense training… I’m going out on weekends and doing my thing, but during the week I am training. I’m there, doing what I’m supposed to do.”

Herring added, “If I find out I’m going to fight, I’ll clamp down and pick it up it up a bit, but right now I’m trying to maintain a base condition. I’m sparring three times a week, working out, wrestling and stuff throughout the week. I’m just keeping my base condition where it needs to be, [keeping] my weight in check, and not going too crazy eating lots of Burger King or anything like that. That’s kind of what I’m doing right now. I’m in a holding pattern, and it sucks.”

While it is currently unknown if Heath will fight for K-1 before his contract expires in November, Heath remains optimistic that he will be back in action sooner rather than later.

“I sure hope [I fight again soon], but unfortunately it’s not on my table,” concluded Herring. “If K-1 gets their stuff together and gives me a fight, yeah [I’ll fight].”