HERO'S Press Conference

HERO's 2 Press Conference

HERO's 2 Press Conference

Make sure you check out today’s photo gallery as Hero’s held their Press Conference for their 2nd show today in Tokyo, Japan. Maeda was on hand with his stable of fighters to launch the opening of the Middleweight World Tournament. It’s been since march that the newly formed Hero’s promotion has had a show. Maeda wanted to make sure they were able to get quality events before announcing the dates. He said that this era of MMA is just the beginning and to enjoy the most excellent fights at 70 kg in the world.

Maeda made gave a speech saying how Japan is one of the originators of martial arts and there are many philosophies, Japan’s philosophy is Bushido. Through Bushido we have the samurai, and when they go to the battlefield they don’t throw themselves to the gods, but rely on themselves. He reiterated that he’s certain that the samurai have religion and God, but that they trust themselves. And, they have conversation with themselves and God, “trust me” and “watch me”. I will show you the real figure through the battlefield. Maeda ended saying even if one samurai win or losses the fight, I hope they show the beauty of the battlefield.

So will we see the beauty unfold upon the battlefield tomorrow night. We shall see. Koji Yoshida claimed,” I would like to knock him out tomorrow.” In which his opponent Royler Gracie remarked,” ..if somebody say something he need to prove it in the ring.”

A funny moment was when Bob Sapp’s opponent, Alan Karaev, said ” I will knock him out.” And, Sapp responded jokingly, ” I will break him, just kidding.” And Ray Sefo and Peter Aerts who where sitting next to each other burst out into laughter. Sapp continued, ” I will show everybody what the new beast is all about.”

Sefo riding the tide of joviality jokingly said,” I will seek and destroy.” This is Ray Sefo’s first MMA fight and he’s been looking forward to fighting MMA for awhile. About it being a first for him Sefo said, ” There is only one way to learn, just jump in there and give it hell.”

Aerts who is also new to MMA will be fighting a sumo wrestler. Will he continue in the sport? With a smile on his face, Aerts said, ” I will tell you tomorrow, if I like it or not, MMA.”

‘Kid’ Norifumi Yamamoto who use to be in Enson Inoue’s camp is a big star these days in Japan. He and Masato (K-1 World Max) are the big stars, more popular than Gomi. His fight tomorrow night is a superfight with Ian Schaffa. The too produced the most tension by far at the press conference as they stared each other down. Ian Schaffer said,” there can only be one hero in this fight and that hero will be me.” Tomorrow night we shall see.