SportsNavi.com, translated by Korey Howard
HERO’S announced that Norifumi ‘Kid’ Yamamoto will be fighting Kazuyuki Miyata and Yoshihiro Akiyama will fight Katsuhiko Nagata on their 5/3 show in Tokyo at Yoyogi National Stadium. Akiyama’s fight against Nagata will be a part of the 85kg tournament in which this will be the 1st round.

The angle is that two world class wrestlers will be going against two of HERO’S aces. ‘Kid’ and Akiyama being HERO’S aces who are heavily promoted by HERO’S. Nagata was a silver medalist in Sydney.

Kid Yamamoto said, “My opponent has Olympic-level tackles, so I’ll have to be careful of those. I’m not worrying about ‘fighting like a champion’ or anything – I’m going to just go outthere and give it my all freestyle.”

Miyata commented, ” I’m confident that I’m getting stronger. I’m not going to lose a match this year.”

Akiyama said about his opponent Nagata, “He’s got an Olympic medal, so he must be extraordinarily powerful.”

Sadaharu Tanigawa says they will nominate Miyata if he can beat KID this time.

Other participants in the tournament include: Caol Uno,
Hideo Tokoro, Ryuki Ueyama, Hideki Kadoma, Vitor “Shaolin”
Ribeiro, Pequeno Nogueira, Ivan Menjivar, Black
Mamba, and Ole Laursen of Denmark.

HERO’S also announced that Akebono will be fighting in
his first MMA fight since New Year’s Eve, but they didn’t
announce an opponent for him yet.