by Scott Petersen
picture above: Knockout punch delivered by ‘Kid’ Yamamoto to Royler Gracie

The Hero’s Middleweight Tournament took place Wednesday night in Japan and it was an exciting night of fights. So what did the fighters who came up short have to say?

Up and coming Tokoro who defeated Pequeno Nogueira in the first round in July was defeated by legendary Caol Uno in which Tokoro felt Uno controlled the pace. Legendary Royler Gracie got KO’d by Japanese star,’Kid’ Yamamoto. Royler said,”now, I respect him more then I did before.” Miyata who lost to Genki Sudo felt he lost due to lack of experience. And then Remigijus from Lithuania who fought in the ZST promotion did the unorthodox. Instead of gaining weight after weighing in he actually lost 2 kilos by running, because he wanted to gain speed for his fight. After losing he felt like he needed to gain more power.

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