by Scott Petersen
Hero’s held a press conference today for their third installment in Tokyo, Japan. So make sure to go to the Photo Gallery for the pictures of the fighters. And, the press conference is available on video (almost 20 minutes long). Check out the new Big Screen version, the best MMA video quality you’ll see on the Net.

This show is featuring the quarter-final and semi-final matches in their Middleweight (lightweight) Tournament. And, the two fighters that win both of their fights the night of 9/7 will become the Finalists who will fight each other on the K-1 Dynamite New Years Eve show. The biggest fight night in Japan if not the world.

The boldest statement made by the fighters at the press conference was made by K-1 and UFC veteran, Genki Sudo. Sudo who is one of the contestants said,”…I’m going to win and I’m going to see you on Dynamite, New Year’s Eve.” When the fighters where asked what ability they had that would help them in the ring Royler Gracie said,” Well, inside the four lines, everything help, sometimes I pray.”

Fight #11- Winner of 6th match vs Winner of 7th match

Fight #10- Winner of 4th match vs Winner of 5th match

Fight #09- Sam Greco vs Shungo Oyama (SuperFight)

Fight #08- Akira Kikuchi vs Kiuma Kunioku (SuperFight)

Fight #07- Caol Uno vs Hideo Tokoro

Fight #06- Royler Gracie vs Norifumi ‘Kid’ Yamamoto

Fight #05- Remigijus Morkevicius vs Hiroyuki Takaya

Fight #04- Genki Sudo vs Kazuyuki Miyata

Fight #03- Yoshihiro Nakao vs Faii Falamoe (SuperFight)

Fight #02- Hermes Franca vs Koutetsu (Reserve Match)

Fight #01- Atsushi Yamamoto vs Katsuya Toida (Reserve Match)