Here He Comes to Save The Day: Mighty Mouse Trumps Kid Yamamoto at UFC 126

February 5, 2011

Demetrious Johnson Kid Yamamoto

Johnson vs. Yamamoto

Here he comes to save the day…

It was once the cry of a classic cartoon character created in the 1940’s, but now “Mighty Mouse” is the nickname of an incredibly fast and talented bantamweight who just spoiled the UFC debut of highly regarded Japanese fighter Norifumi “Kid” Yamamoto.

In what was expected to be crazy fast paced fight between two of the best at 135lbs, ended up being a one sided affair with Demetrious Johnson just simply outworking Yamamoto for 15 minutes.

It was apparently early on that both Johnson and Yamamoto were fast, but the Matt Hume trained fighter from Seattle was able mash the gas pedal just a bit more than his opponent.

Time and time again, Johnson jumped forward with a quick combination before slipping underneath and landing a takedown on Yamamoto.

“Mighty Mouse” cracked Yamamoto with good strikes throughout the three round fight as well and the former Olympic hopeful just had no answer to the variety of ways Johnson kept him on the defensive.

“He’s a very tough guy. He has good striking, and hits hard, and people might have been like ‘oh it’s boring’ but you’ve got to understand, me and him both have good footwork and we both understand our range. So if I overextend I’m going to get knocked out like everybody else does in the past from that right hook of his,” Johnson said after winning a unanimous decision.

The judges scored the fight 30-27, 30-27, and 29-28 giving Johnson the dominant victory.

Johnson picks up his third win in a row overall and first in the UFC, which puts him right back into title contention talk in an ever growing bantamweight division. Meanwhile, Kid Yamamoto slips in his UFC debut and fades even further out of the spotlight that shone on him so brightly just a few years ago.