Henry Cejudo on Simone Biles’ withdrawal from Olympics: “I think she really needs to check herself”

Former UFC flyweight and bantamweight champion Henry Cejudo gave his opinion on USA gymnast Simone Biles’ withdrawal from the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo as a result of mental health issues.

Cejudo became the youngest American at the time (21-years-old), to win the Olympic gold medal in freestyle wrestling at the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing.

With his experience, Cejudo felt it was necessary to share his opinion on the matter.

“I believe Simone Biles pulling out of this thing is like, I think she really needs to check herself,” Cejudo said in a video posted to Twitter. “I think there’s time for a little bit of tough love. ​​If she was my sister, this is exactly what I would do. So, I would never say something that I wouldn’t do to my personal family or anything like that. Or even for me, because I do believe sometimes we do need a nice kick in the arse.”

Cejudo touched on the immense amount of attention, and perhaps pressure that the media and American fans alike have given her.

“People say the media created her and you know they put upon this pressure. Not really,” Cejudo said. “They only give you a platform, a limelight. It’s up to you to believe it and to accept it. If you start to think you’re the GOAT and the greatest of all time, then that’s on you.”

‘Triple C’ then doubled down on his take, saying that he believed Biles made a mistake in withdrawing from the Olympic games.

“I do believe she made a mistake. I think now she kind of tends to take it back knowing that a lot of things are backfiring,” Cejudo said. “But if I had to give my two cents and I hope she listens to this, I’m not going to tag her. But if one of you guys want to tag her and she ends up listening to it, I think it would help her a lot.

“There’s two things that pressure can do. Pressure could either break, or it could make diamonds. Pressure could either bust pipes or it can create and make diamonds. You choose what to do for it, or what to do with it, remember that.”

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Despite the former UFC champion and olympic gold medalist disagreeing with Biles’ decision, he did give her a final message of support.

“Remember that there’s a reason why you are an Olympic champion. There’s nothing new,” Cejudo said. “It’s all in you, you’re going against you, and I hope you can come back from that.”

The full video of Cejudo giving his opinion on Biles’ withdrawal can be found below.