Henry Cejudo on Sean O’Malley: ‘I would eat that dude alive’

Former two division champion Henry Cejudo interrupted Sean O’Malley‘s UFC 276 post-fight interview with BT Sports following last Saturday’s event to tell ‘Sugar’ that he ‘absolutely sucked.

Cejudo continued his criticisms of O’Malley during his YouTube segment The Triple C & Schmo Show.

“First of all, his performance absolutely sucked. He talks a lot,” Cejudo said. “He says nobody above him calls him out. I heard that. He said that he could tap Khabib (Nurmagomedov), so I said, ‘what’s up precious?'”

O’Malley didn’t actually say he could tap Nurmagomedov out. He said that if he were to take Nurmagomedov out that people would still find a way to criticize him.

“Whatever it was,” Cejudo said. “I just think he thinks that he’s better than he really is, and to me that’s a problem, so I challenged him. I said, ‘what’s up? Are you ready?’ He said, (stuttering sounds). I should start calling him Stuttering Sean. He tripped over his own damn words. But anyway, he doesn’t want this smoke. It would be like Jake Paul facing Jon Jones. I would eat that dude alive.”

“He was freakin stuttering. When somebody stutters it’s because they’re nervous.”

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Cejudo’s goal is to get a title shot in the bantamweight or featherweight divisions. He’s held the bantamweight title. If he were to win the featherweight championship, Cejudo would be the first ever three division champion in UFC history. If he can’t get a title shot, he’d be open to a fight against O’Malley.

“I think that might be a good tune-up fight. The goal for me with Sean would be to get rid of him within two rounds. Like don’t make him go past two rounds,” Cejudo said. “So that’s my goal, but he wouldn’t take the fight. Stylistically I’m just too smart, too experienced. I’m too tough, and I’m definitely too damn good looking.”

“I would take him down. I would do some nasty things to him. I’d kick that front leg of his and slowly start putting my hands on him. That’s the game plan. That’s how you beat Sean O’Salty.”