by Brian Lopez-Benchimol – MMAWeekly.com

On the UFC’s most historic card, it was befitting to have living legend
and UFC 17 middleweight tournament winner Dan Henderson grace the card.


A few weeks removed from the Season 9 finale of The Ultimate Fighter,
dubbed “Team U.S.A vs. Team U.K.,” where both lightweight and welterweight
finalists had been of the British persuasion, it only added more fuel to the
fire when coaches Dan Henderson and Michael Bisping eventually squared off at
UFC 100 this past Saturday.


After all the trash talk and hype leading into the bout, though Team U.K
were decisive in their wins on the latest season of TUF, it was U.S.A.’s Dan
Henderson who had the last word.


Henderson dictated the pace of the fight early on, establishing Octagon
control, stalking Bisping and launching right hands. Bisping, however, survived
long enough to reach the second round. Though the U.K. swept team U.S.A in the
finales, it was Hendo’s infamous right hand that put “The Count” down and out.


Though it was clear Bisping was out after the initial shot, Henderson’s
reaction got the better of him and he landed another thunderous looping right
hand to his downed foe, cementing the victory and getting a little bit of payback.


“It was just the reaction of mine to keep going till I was stopped. It
did feel good though.”


Though Bisping’s gameplan appeared evident early on, to use his
quickness and footwork en route to a decision victory, he made the unconscious
mistake of circling towards the “dooms day weapon” that is the Californian’s right


“It was apparent that he always liked to circle off to his left, which
is my right hand, but I was supposed to be setting it up better with my jab and
my left hook,” explained Henderson.


“I’m not too sure exactly what I did right before I landed that right,
but I knew he likes to circle off after an attack to try and get away towards
my power hand, which was not a smart thing to do against me.”


With three-straight wins in the UFC, having stopped Bisping, a feat that
had never been accomplished before, it’s hard to argue with the facts. The Team
Quest co-founder may have very well jumped in line, throwing his name in the
hat for a rematch against UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva.


It’s a bout that Henderson is content with to redeem himself after his
performance and feels his accomplishments since losing to Silva in their first
meeting have earned him that right.


“Ultimately its up to him (Dana White), but I feel in my mind that I
came back and fought some fights and deserve that, but it’s up to him to make
that decision.”


Prior to the bout, at the pre-fight press conference, White had
indicated that the bout would basically determine Silva’s next opponent at
middleweight, but it has yet to be cemented.


For any reason if the rematch should not incur in the near future for
Henderson, he knows he has some options.


Having competed in the UFC’s middleweight division in three of his last four
fights, he knows full well of the potential of other intriguing matchups in the
light heavyweight division, where he has also seen success in the past, beating
notables Wanderlei Silva and Rich Franklin.


“It’s a fight that I want and I feel like… I haven’t asked for it yet,
I’d let it be known that I would like that rematch, but I have never asked Dana
or anybody to give me that. It’s just a matter of time, I knew that I had to
win some fights and beat some good guys first and I feel like I’ve done that


“If it doesn’t happen, I kind of like fighting at 205 too, so there’s
lots of match-ups for me.”


here to watch the UFC 100 post-fight video interview with Dan Henderson.)