by MMAWeekly.com Staff
Heath Herring, “The Texas Crazy Horse/The Destroyer,” spoke with MMAWeekly this weekend about half of The Ultimate Fight Night card. Herring, who resides and trains in Las Vegas, was on hand at the weigh ins, and gave his picks on several of the match ups. Here’s what Heath had to say.

The first match discusses was Josh Koscheck vs. Pete Spratt. In order for Koscheck to win, Herring said, “He’s a wrestler. He’s got to take him down, and be in top control, and I think try and ground and pound him. I think Spratt probably has the advantage in the stand up, so if he can dominate the fight in the stand up position he can maybe set the pace, and see what’s going to happen.” Heath added, “From what I’ve seen of Koscheck I think he winds pretty quick. I think he’ll get frustrated if he’s not able to take him down right away, and if Spratt’s able to stay calm, take control of the fight, I think the advantage lies with him.” Herring picked Spratt to win.

Looking at the Stephan Bonnar vs Sam Hoger bout, Heath said, “I’ve got to go with Stephan on that one…Stephan looked really good. You know? He’s tough. He’s pretty resilient…I think Bonnar’s going to come out and really put it to him…We’ll see what Sam’s made of. You know? I think it’ll be a good fight.”

Kenny Florian and Alex Karalexis face off in a bout of the Bean town boys. “I’ve got to go with Kenny. I think Alex is good, but I think he’s more one dimensional…Especially this level of fights. You get guys in there, they’re going to make mistakes. Seems like the guy that’s more well rounded is going to take advantage.” Herring told MMAWeekly.

The last match up Heath Herring address was the Nathan Quarry vs. Pete Sell bout. Herring commented, “Could be the dark horse. I don’t know. I’ve watched both of them fight a little bit. Nate looked really good on that last UFC card. Pete, I can’t really remember watching him fight, but I remember hearing about that fight with Phil Baroni, with Phil. I don’t know man. It’s a tough one. That might be the dark horse of the evening.”