Heated Tweets: Ali Bagautinov Criticizes, Ian McCall Responds with ‘Cheater’ Hashtag

November 10, 2014

Ian McCall was supposed to fight John Lineker last Saturday at UFC Fight Night 56. Bummer fact: he didn’t fight because he was sick and doctor’s pulled him from the fight.

Fellow 125-pound fighter Ali Baguatinov voiced his disappointment in McCall, as well as Lineker for missing weight for the fight, and voiced his opinion on Twitter. “Uncle Creepy” saw that Ali’s tweets and equally expressed his disappointment in Bagautinov’s direction, calling him a “cheater.” You see, Bagautinov failed his drug test after losing to Demetrious Johnson last June, so of course Ian’s going to McCall him out for it. See what I did there?

To the Twittah!

Photo props to Bleacher Report

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