Heading into UFC on FX 1, Charlie Brenneman Has All Eyes Forward

January 20, 2012

Charlie Brenneman

Charlie “The Spaniard” Brenneman (14-3) looks to rebound from a gut wrenching knockout loss to devastating striker Anthony “Rumble” Johnson.

On his path to redemption, Brenneman is looking to take out his aggression on fellow welterweight and submission grappler Daniel Roberts Friday night at UFC on FX 1 in Nashville.

Since the loss to Johnson, The Spaniard put himself back in the gym at AMA Fight Club as soon possible because he feels like he robbed himself with how short the fight went.  The 30-year-old knows he’s far more capable of handling himself in the Octagon.

He faces a man in Roberts that also has his back against the wall after succumbing to back-to-back losses.  Brenneman, however, doesn’t pay attention to wins and losses; he only looks towards building his future and remains happy through it all.

“When you start worrying about your back being against the wall and other factors like that, you tend to kind of take the focus away from what you’re there to do,” Brenneman told MMAWeekly Radio.

“He has two losses, I just lost my last fight, and you never really know your standing with the UFC.  The way I look at it is all eyes forward and keep that positive mentality.”

Taking that positive mentality into Friday night, the AMA Fight Club pupil believes that he’s successful by letting the fight flow his way and not sticking to a particular game plan.  As the fight goes on, Brenneman feels his opponents out and does what comes naturally to him. His coach, Mike Constantino, advised him that game plans are a two-way street and once you think you’ve figured someone out, they can just as easily figure you out and prepare against what you do.

“The answer is there are holes in his game and hopefully we’ll be able exploit them.  Everything we do whenever I work with Mike, when we’ll game plan and watch a film or something, I don’t think there hasn’t been a time where he hasn’t said,  ‘they’re watching tape on you so they’re going to be saying this.’  It’s a two-way street and I’m sure if you ask them what I’m going to do, they’re going to say that I’m just a guy who is looking to take you down with no stand-up and that’s not the case.

“It’s a two-way street and it goes back to game planning and I just do what I do.  I don’t think shoot for a takedown.  My body just goes through 20-plus years of wrestling and that’s what happens.”

We’ll find out on Friday night, whose instincts prove superior.

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