Having Made Wholesale Changes, Brandon Halsey Working His Way Back to a Bellator Belt

In suffering the first loss of his career last October to Rafael Carvalho, former Bellator middleweight champion Brandon Halsey reassessed himself and realized that changes needed to be made.

Not only did Halsey alter the way he trained, but he made wholesale changes to the business side of his fighting career, and now he finds himself in a better place than he feels he’d been at before.

“After that fight, I took a long look at my fight career,” Halsey told MMAWeekly.com. “I took a look back on my career and wondered if I’d really done what I wanted to do these past three years? Had I elevated myself to the skill level where I thought I should be at? And the conclusion I came to was: No.

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“It really made me step back and look at the bigger picture and what I wanted to do with my fight career and as an athlete and person. I changed everything from my management, to my nutrition, to my trainers, and it’s been a great success.”

Halsey believes the alterations he has made are more than evident, and that he’s going to fully showcase what he’s capable of doing now.

“I’ve done more in these past few months than I had done in my entire three year career,” he said. “It’s just amazing the amount of improvements. I feel like I just tapped into this true potential that I have, and not only being an athlete, but translating that to fighting.”

Halsey (9-1) will look to rebound and get back on the winning track when he takes on John Slater (11-3) in a main card 185-pound bout at Bellator 156 in Fresno, Calif. on Friday, June 17.

“This fight is about reinventing myself,” Halsey said. “The end game is to get my belt back, but this fight (against Slater) gets to showcase something that the fans haven’t seen out of me – something exciting – something that I’m going to bring to the table that’s going to have them wanting more.”

Halsey has no intentions on sitting on the sidelines waiting for a shot at his former title, but instead he intends to get an opportunity to fight for it sooner than later.

“Right after (the loss) I was ready for an immediate rematch, but everything happens for a reason and maybe this fight is to build up for the next fight,” said Halsey. “I look at it like (this fight) I’m giving the fans a taste of things to come when I fight Rafael Carvalho for the belt.”

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