Has Fedor’s Approach Run It’s Course, Joe Rogan Thinks It Has

As a longtime broadcaster and a skilled martial artist himself, Joe Rogan’s comments carry a lot of weight with mixed martial arts enthusiasts. Rogan hosted a recent Question & Answer session with UFC welterweight Carlos Condit in Seattle, but ended up fielding several questions himself.

One particularly interesting topic of conversation was Rogan’s thoughts on former No. 1 heavyweight fighter Fedor Emelianenko.

“He’s an amazing athlete and he’s put on some amazing fights over the years, but once you get to the highest levels of the game, you can’t come in fat, you can’t be fighting way above your weight class,” said Rogan.

“I think Fedor is an amazing talent, an incredible athlete… but the reality is (the way he approaches fighting) that’s not gonna work at the upper echelon of the sport anymore.”

Check out Rogan’s comments on Fedor by clicking on the video below…

(WARNING: Explicit Language)