by Damon Martin – MMAWeekly.com

men can see these tactics whereby I conquer, but what none can see is the
strategy out of which victory is evolved" – Sun Tzu, "The Art
of War"


and game planning have become a crucial part of the success of so many fighters
in mixed martial arts.  One of the
fighters identified as the hardest to game plan for is
UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, who has shown master skills in all
areas of the fight game.


opponent at UFC 111, Dan Hardy,
believes that while GSP has looked invincible, it’s not the game plans that
have failed past challengers. It’s the execution.


dangerous, but in the same sense, everyone’s beatable," said Hardy in an
interview with MMAWeekly Radio. 
"I’ve brought a few different things into this camp, but no more
than I would for anybody else.  At
the end of the day he’s human, he’s got weaknesses.  I’m confident I can exploit the weaknesses, like I’ve done
in my last few fights."


last few fights are what earned him the title shot against St-Pierre.  Since moving to the UFC, Hardy has
reeled off four wins in a row, including victories over Mike Swick and Marcus


fighters in the division have complained that Hardy didn’t do enough to earn
the shot at GSP, but he believes they are crying over spilled milk, and he’s
going to seize the moment at UFC 111 so he doesn’t have to earn a second


standing in a position to take the title from GSP, and they’ve had their
chances and passed them up," Hardy commented. 


last striker that faced St-Pierre was the champion’s last title defense.  GSP outlasted Thiago Alves for five
rounds, taking the American Top Team fighter down repeatedly, and thus
neutralizing the Brazilian’s deadly striking attack. 


believes that Alves is one of the most dangerous fighters in the world, but
also says that it was his inability to pull the trigger when fighting St-Pierre
that cost him in that fight.


difference between myself and Thiago is that he’s a power striker. He marches
forward and beats the hell out of you, where I’m the kind of guy that will hit
you before you know what’s happened. Then I’ll be gone," said Hardy.  "I think the mobility’s going to
be a key in this fight.  He’s not
going to be able to get his hands on me as easy as he did Thiago.


going to be throwing as hard as I can, and I’m going to knock him out as soon
as I can. I’m not going to let that concern of a takedown slow me down."


others are counting him out in this fight, St-Pierre is one person that
respects the power and danger that Hardy represents.  The British born fighter knows GSP has to respect him, and
fighters that are talking can just keep on talking.


realistic.  He knows I’m coming
into the fight with a lot of hunger, and that makes me dangerous," Hardy
said about St-Pierre. 
"Obviously from other people’s perspectives, they’re not the people
that have got to deal with me on that night, so they can say whatever they
like.  GSP’s

the one that’s going to have to face me when the time comes and he’s got to
take me seriously."


says he’s cutting down from somewhere in the neighborhood of 210 pounds for the
fight with St-Pierre, and where the Canadian has outmuscled other opponents,
and used his superior reach, that won’t be a factor against him.  The Mohawk clad Hardy predicts that
when he puts his fists on St-Pierre’s face, the title will switch hands, and
the Canadian may not remember what happened.


I hit him he’s going to know about it; it might be the next day anyways."


(Click here to watch
Dan Hardy’s UFC 111 prefight video interview.)