by Tom Hamlin – MMAWeekly.com
Hamill Hammers Munoz by Tom Hamlin

Matt Hamill would not be deterred by any resistance newcomer Mark Munoz threw at him, charging his way to a brutal knockout victory in the first round.

It was an issue of inside versus outside; Munoz wound up his punches, looking to land bombs. Hamill, pressed forward and threw straighter combinations that tagged Munoz at will.

Inside the first two minutes, Munoz had drained his energy reserves throwing the shots and driving for takedowns.

Hamill, as good a counter-wrestler as a wrestler, sprawled and reversed out of any dangerous situations.

Munoz’s hands gradually drifted down. Hamill backed the NCAA wrestling champ towards the cage and fired off a right high kick.

The shot slammed into Munoz’s temple, knocking him cold on the spot. On the way down, his head connected with his knee, making Hamill’s follow-up punches a moot point.

At 3:53, Hamill delivered a hometown victory in dramatic fashion.