Press Release
Valor Fighting Presents “Showdown At Cache Creek”

All of Northern California, specifically Brooks, CA, the home of Cache Creek Casino Resort and Event Center is buzzing in eager anticipation of Valor Fighting’s upcoming live event. “Showdown At Cache Creek”, which will rock a live audience at Cache Creek’s Event Center on February 3, will showcase 9 action packed fights leaving no doubt why Mixed Martial Arts is the world’s fastest growing fighting sport. The response to the event has been incredible; so much so, that ‘Showdown At Cache Creek” is completely sold out! A limited number of tickets currently on hold for production and media may be released prior to the event. If you wish to attend this historic night of action, call 1-888 77-CACHE for details. If you are able to get tickets at this point, you may want to step into Cache Creek’s amazing Casino after the event as luck is certainly on your side!

Valor Fighting invades your TV!
If you live in the San Francisco area, make sure you tune in to “The Last Honest Sports Show” this Saturday night at 6:30 pm and midnight on UPN Bay Area (44). Joining the host, CBS Sports Anchor Dennis O’Donnell from Cache Creek Casino Resort’s Club 88 will be Valor Fighting Co-Founder and President Rick Bassman as well as two of Valor’s toughest fighters, Mavrick “The Soul Collector” Harvey and Taurus Cabbob. They will discuss the skyrocketing popularity of Mixed Martial Arts, and what fans can expect to see at Showdown At Cache Creek. Taurus, who calls Kaneohe, Hawaii home will also prove that he is not only skilled in the ring, but on a ukulele as well!

As they always seem to say on late night infomercials, “But wait, there’s more!” Residents of the Sacramento area, make sure to check out Valor Fighter, and International K-1 Superstar, Sylvester “Predator” Terkay, who will appear on TV live Sunday morning between the hours of 7 am and 10 am as part of Good Day Sacramento on UPN 31. Predator is larger than life (literally!). His appearance should make for very entertaining television. Speaking of Predator…

K-1 Star Sylvester “Predator” Terkay to appear at “Showdown”!

Former 2-Time NCAA National Champion wrestler in the Heavyweight Division and Professional Wrestling Star turned Professional K-1 fighter, Sylvester “Predator” Terkay will be on hand on February 3 to make a special appearance at Showdown At Cache Creek. He will also be available after the event to sign autographs and take pictures with the fans. Terkay recently fought on K-1’s annual New Years Eve spectacular, Dynamite.

Predator, who was undefeated on K-1’s Dynamite New Years spectaculars coming into this year’s show, was being touted as the underdog. Predator was fighting in his first ever K-1 rules fight (Kickboxing), and on top of that, it was against Remy Bonjasky, the two-time Grand Prix Champion in 2003 & 2004!

Most experts anticipated Bonjasky to dominate the fight as he is much more experienced in this style, and it caters to the staples of his offense, including flying knees and kicks.

Terkay, a wrestler, utilizes his great size and strength against his opponents in most cases. Predator was cornered by Valor co-owner Rick Bassman, who along with Eddy Millis developed a strong game plan and made sure it was executed.

As the first round started, Bonjasky went for a high kick, and Predator caught it and backed him into the corner and proceeded to connect with some devastating punches. This was seen many times throughout the fight, Predator backing Bonjasky to the ropes and corners and delivering some stiff shots. Predator also showed great skills in his blocking techniques, especially against Bonjasky’s strikes. Predator also demonstrated a great deal of toughness in his ability to take the punishment of the hard low kicks Bonjasky utilized effectively.

Come round two, Predator wowed the fans, giving Remy a receipt with some hard low kicks of his own. He then looked to have Bonjasky in some serious trouble as he threw several punches to Remy’s head and stomach, causing Bonjasky to waver, but he held on, showing tremendous heart and grit to take those punches from the monster.

The third round was no different, as Predator again drove punches into Bonjasky at every opportunity. Rick Bassman was seen shouting instructions from the corner several times to follow the specific game plan they had come up with in training. Predator stuck to the plan, and it looked to be the perfect strategy against Bonjasky. As the third round came to the end many thought Predator had the decision. In a shocking decision, Bonjasky won the fight with two judges favoring him, and one for Predator. At the after party, the overwhelming consensus from fight veterans such as Sam Greco, Musashi, Peter Aerts and Jerome LeBanner, was that Predator should have gotten the decision.

Despite not coming away with a win here, in a fight where all of the odds were against him, Predator showed great promise in his first K-1 rules fight. Many insiders said for him to last three rounds with Bonjasky was a victory in itself. But the fact that most people felt he actually won the fight means even more. Predator certainly is making his mark in the K-1 world with performances like these. Many were touting Predator as the next big thing in K-1 prior to this fight, and by the end of the fight, he confirmed it. It will truly be an honor to have this impressive warrior in the house on February 3!
Fighting Legend Kimo to appear at “Showdown At Cache Creek”!

The eyes of the MMA world will be on Brooks, California on February 3. Some big time heavy hitters (no pun intended) in the fighting business will be on hand to take part in the festivities. Among them will be fighting legend Kimo.

Kimo is a true Icon of MMA. He is one of the warriors who first put this intense form of competition on the map. The 235-pound warrior from Hawaii always stood out from the pack on account of his intense no nonsense fighting style and his signature tattoos.
Kimo, who was recently inducted into the MMA Hall Of Fame, has stepped into battle with the biggest names in the history of the sport including Ken Shamrock, Tank Abbott, Dan Severn, and Royce Gracie. At 41 years of age, the battle-tested veteran continues to fearlessly step into the octagon and ring as his legacy continues to grow. In addition to taking in all the action, Kimo will make a very special live appearance at “Showdown At Cache Creek,” and will be available to take pictures with and sign autographs for all of the great fans on hand on February 3. Bassman commented, “We are thrilled that Kimo will be in the house. His presence should really add to the “Big Fight” atmosphere and set the tone for all of the great action that will go down at Cache Creek.”

Here is the current Fight Card for ” Showdown At Cache Creek”:

Dennis Hallman vs. Ray Perales
Fighting at 175

Kengo vs. Jeff Dietrich
Fighting at 185

Mavrick vs. John Dale
Fighting at 185

Tom Howard vs. TBD
Fighting at 225

Taurus Cabbob vs. Winno Driscoll
Fighting at 205

Ricky Bloom vs. Matt Lindiger
Fighting at 160

Philip Wyman vs. Wes Welch
Fighting at 170

Sam Spangler vs. Adam Macrae
Fighting at 185

Jose Pelacios vs. Anthony Charnell
Fighting at 145

Card subject to change