Gunnar Nelson Takes Out Alan Jouban (UFC London Results)

March 18, 2017

Alan Jouban was looking to enter the welterweight rankings with a win over ninth ranked Gunnar Nelson at UFC Fight Night: Manuwa vs. Anderson on Saturday in London, but ended up being the 12th submission win on Nelson’s resume.

Jouban employed a strategy of heavy leg kicks in the opening round while Nelson waited for an opening to exploit. Nelson pressed forward, looking to get the fight to the ground. After having his first takedown attempt dGunnar Nelsonefended, Nelson was able to put Jouban on his back. From there, Nelson quickly passed Jouban’s guard and mounted him. He delivered short punches and elbows while maintaining dominant position. “Gunni” took the opening round.

Jouban came out aggressive in the second frame. He exploded forward with a flurry of punches. Nelson planted his feet and fired back. The Icelander landed a straight right hand that wobbled Jouban. As Jouban staggered back to the cage, Nelson fired off a head kick that was blocked. He pulled Jouban to the canvas while locking on a guillotine choke. Jouban was forced to tap out 46-seconds into the second round.

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“My style just works this way.  I try to read the openings and take my time with it,” said Nelson following the submission win.  “I want to finish my fights.  I don’t want to win by points.  Sometimes I have to take some time and figure him out and go for the finish.  You have to have a few things that you can go for.  You can’t just rely on one thing.” 

Nelson doesn’t study his opponents before facing them inside the Octagon.  He likes to figure them out in the heat of battle. 

“I didn’t watch him too much.  I’ve seen him fight before.  It’s just the way we do things.  We don’t really analyze out opponents.  I like to analyze them in here,” he said. 

With the win, Nelson is on a two-fight winning streak.  He’ll like move up the rankings a spot or two, but doesn’t have an opponent in mind for his next outing. 

“I’m just interested in what I’m doing.  I’m just going to go back and improve,” he said. 

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