Gunnar Nelson Doesn’t Wrap His Hands Before Fights, Likes to ‘Get the Feel’

UFC welterweight contender Gunnar Nelson doesn’t wrap his hands before fights. The Icelander is one of very few fighters that don’t use hand wraps during fights or sparring.

“I never wrap my hands. I like to get as much feel for my hands and my opponents as I can, and I’ve never really felt any different wrapping my hands,” the 27-year-old revealed during the UFC Fight Night Rotterdam post-fight press conference.

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Hand wraps are designed to protect a fighter’s hands and wrists from injury while punching, but Nelson hasn’t broken a hand in nine years of professional fighting.

Gunnar Nelson“I’ve never broken my hands. That’s probably why (I don’t wrap my hands),” he said.

For Nelson, it’s all about the feel of no wraps, but he’d prefer no gloves at all.

“If you like to work with you hands, you like to get the feel for what you’re doing. And I feel like I have feel for what I’m doing when I have no wraps, ideally no gloves.”

And who can argue when Nelson sports a 15-2-1 record?

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