GSP’s Long Term Plans. Do They Include Anderson Silva?

Before Georges St. Pierre stepped into UFC 87 to defend his welterweight title against Jon Fitch, rumors began to circle about his current contract expiring after only 1 more fight following the August match-up.

Even back then GSP assured fans that he would make the UFC his home for a long time to come, and he didn’t plan on fighting anywhere else.

“We’ll end up to an agreement, I’m sure,” St. Pierre told MMAWeekly Radio in August.. “I like the UFC, I’m glad I’m champion, I want to represent the sport and also the UFC well.”

“The UFC, that’s what made me known, and if possible I want to retire there.”

While the UFC never really talks much about fighters’ contracts, it would have to appear that St. Pierre has been locked into a new deal going into his title fight with Penn.

Also, recent comments from UFC president Dana White saying that if the Canadian was successful in his next bout, he could see a fight with pound for pound king Anderson Silva in his future, would almost solidify St. Pierre’s long term plans with the company.

“If GSP beats BJ then you’ll see Silva v GSP, possibly at a catch weight,” White told The Sun, a British newspaper in October.

St. Pierre’s manager, Shari Spencer, had no comment when reached by, but with the Canadian’s prospects for big fights in 2009 it looks like “Rush” will be in the Octagon for the foreseeable future and beyond.