GSP vs. Condit and Hendricks vs. Kampmann Penciled In for UFC 154 in Montreal

June 9, 2012
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Georges St-Pierre and Carlos ConditEveryone has been shying away from it, but UFC president Dana White put a target to UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre’s return from knee injury.

It wasn’t hard and fast, obviously pending St-Pierre’s recovery, but the planned UFC 154 event in Montreal this November has a GSP bullseye on it.

White said as much when confirming that the UFC is pairing Johny Hendricks with Martin Kampmann. Hendricks vs. Kampmann would don the UFC 154 undercard in support of a Georges St-Pierre vs. Carlos Condit main event.

St-Pierre’s rehabilitation, which he has been posting updates about on YouTube and Facebook, has been going well. He recently posted a video of his workout, commenting that he was feeling no pain at all in his knee.

If both fights come together for Montreal, it would become a welterweight blockbuster similar to UFC 146’s heavyweight focus.

The main event would serve to unify St-Pierre’s belt with Condit’s interim championship, while Hendricks vs. Kampmann would likely determine the unified champion’s next contender.

Hendricks bested perennial contender Josh Koscheck in his most recent fight, while Kampmann recently TKO’d Jake Ellenberger.

White fell short of guaranteeing the scenario, but if St-Pierre is healthy, it’s more than likely that it will play out as planned.

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  • phrankthetank

    Yup definitely attending that one too

  • keldricshannon

    Hopefully Condit will knockout GSP in front of his hometown like he knocked out Dan Hardy in front of all the England fans. I wish they would put this fight in the olympic stadium that’s in Montreal that can hold at least 70,000 rather than the 20,000 seat Bell Centre because the long awaited return of GSP in Canada could do well over 50,000.


    Not a chance ! did you forget what a athlete GSP is ? it’ll be closer than kos or shields but he shud squeek out a win in his home town, he ain’t champ 4 no reason not like condit get n a mercy belt . maby if he wanted to defend his belt against kampman hed prob lose cuz kamp is the luckiest som bi%#@ out there! people listen Ellenberger s guna grab that belt with in his next 4 fights dont forget hes aheadliner and ther not guna giv him some weak opponent . if rory beats penn (wich he easily will) itl be a race between him and ellenberger

    • phrankthetank

      Ellenberger needs to work on his gas tank if he ever wants to contend for the belt.

    • smill0313

      Would it still be a mercy belt if diaz won?

      • RonnieV

        Mercy Belt my arse! GSP didn’t look that great in his last fight against Shields 14 months ago. It was a 25 minute borefest, and I don’t expect to see GSP come out with the same explosiveness he had prior to ACL surgery(when was the last time an NFL running back came back stronger after an ACL…never..let alone a 33 year old running back). IMO Condit is the true champion, he fought an incredible fight against a very aggressive Nick Diaz, and if he can avoid being taken down it will be a long night for GSP! I admire GSP, but with the ACL and ring rust Condit has to be the favorite.

  • georgesperry

    I couldn’t even read your post Omaha. What language was it in?

    • p3ezy

      maybe because you are a retard? obviously at least two people could read it because there are two replies. count me as the third. a bit of common sense might help you understand it a bit better maybe? either that or you are the sarcastic grammar nazi from nam who clearly has nothing better to do than pick apart someones comment that is quite easily understandable. i dont know its your pick im just trying to find solutions for your noticeable problems with life.

      • phrankthetank

        It was a pretty horribly written comment.

        • p3ezy

          for sure. but you get that all the time on this site. it made sense though and was definitely readable. i just hate it when people make comments about it. no one cares

  • DrkDisciple

    This one seems easy to predict. Natural Born Runner runs for 5 rounds and GSP plays it safe to win the unanimous decision.

  • dderizzo

    Carlos is in TROUBLE………….

  • smill0313

    All of you condit haters can eat a D. The man has 28 wins. 13 ko, 13 sub, and ONLY 2 by decision yet you diaz ball swingers call him a runner because he didn’t play into diaz’s strengths and not only frustrated him, but totally took him out of his element. Condit is an effing finisher, way more then diaz or gsp could ever hope to be. Condit is gonna knock out gsp.

  • smill0313

    After this fight, gsp will be injured again until the next card in montreal.

  • p3ezy

    what is mr jackson going to do about this i wonder


    I dont hate on condit or kamp i think they are exciting fighters in a division that easily rules the ufc (BESIDES PIERCE, FITCH, STORY and HENDRIX ) I mean any1 s more exciting than som1 that lays on top of u or pushes u up against a fence for 15 min. oh yeah UFC get rid of BRENEMAN guy sux stil dont kno how he beat story prob same ref that gave rocha 30 27 against pierce and ellenberger JOKE

    • smill0313

      That squish n wish crap against the cage is hella annoying. Seems like the guys who do it all wear banana hammocks too.

  • bajafox

    Sounds like the most boring fight on earth, lol. If Condit brings that same “strategy” that he did with Diaz and GSP does what he usually does, nothing, it will be 25 minutes of the cure for insomnia.

    • smill0313

      Diaz let you out of the gimp suit early today huh?

    • RonnieV

      HUGE Diaz fan here! But I disagree with your comment. I watched the Condit/Diaz fight probably a dozen times. Condit was actually pretty active with the stick & move. The difference was he wasn’t putting a lot of power in his punches or kicks, because Diaz never backed down. He won the fight on points, and had great stamina. If he does the same thing against GSP, I think he will wear GSP down, and possibly knock him out. Diaz didn’t show any signs of weakness after he was hit (neither fighter did), so Condit never had the opportunity to move in for the kill. I doubt GSP will have as strong of a chin as Diaz. I predict TKO for Condit!

      • p3ezy


      • smill0313

        Agree. Condit is gonna hand gsp his own ass. The only real question is weather he will get a bs immediate rematch and grind the division to a hault.

  • RonnieV

    Ideal scenario:
    Condit beats GSP
    Kampmann beats Hendricks
    Then on the same card for the best selling PPV ever:
    GSP fights Diaz
    Condit fights Kampmann
    Hendricks fights Shields
    Ellenberger fights MacDonald
    Koscheck fights Sanchez

    Joe Silva, what’s your phone number?

  • jpzpulido

    Condit aint got **** on G.S.P, caint wait for gsp to pound him out..

    • smill0313

      The only thing gsp can pound out is his pud. He has a great chance of winning any fight he is in, but it will be by decision. He isint stopping anybody, especially condit.

    • ThePilot

      Agreed jpzpulido, I think Condit’s an amazing fighter however GSP’s simply too strong in all areas for him. GSP could be cage rusty after his long spell out, however he’s too professional not to see to this in training. GSP to win.

  • UFCFightBlogger

    We are assuming all these guys will be healthy and GSP is able to return in time. With the UFC’s luck, things won’t pan out that way but I hope it does since GSP’s injury and Condit’s decision to wait has really backed up the welterweight division. Condit should be defending his title this summer.

    Check out this article about the card


    condit is good ! so is diaz, but i think strong fighters like gsp ellenberger and mcdonald will eventually rule top 3 spots not losing unless its to each other i think hendrix would beat kampman and since diego beat kampman he should fight diego next i dont think he could beat him hes not ready for condit , diaz , ellenberger , or mcdonald def not champ material . He was close but after he beats kamp he’ll probably lose 4 in a row and be fighting Nate Marquardt 4 strike force championship . And as far as my writing goes , im on a ps3 and it ain’t to different than read n quick texts einstein