September 20, 2009

by Steven Marrocco – MMAWeekly.com

In retrospect, Georges St. Pierre’s injury at UFC
100 was not a surprise.


As St. Pierre told
last Thursday, his right abductor muscle had been aggravated
eight months prior to the fight with Thiago Alves and he hadn’t let it heal


UFC show-runners gave him a jolt backstage,
calling him to the cage a fight earlier than he expected (aided by Dan
Henderson’s knockout of Michael Bisping). Thus, he wasn’t able to warm the
delicate muscle.


“It’s a mistake I did, I (take) all the blame,”
said St. Pierre. “But next time I wish I get better information, because I was
not expecting that.”


Now, the welterweight champion is focused on
healing up completely. He says he is training lightly and will return to full
contact training in October.


Until then, he is on a new diet that he hopes
will help to build more quality muscle. St. Pierre says he has never dieted.
Before, his favorite stop for junk food was McDonalds.


“When I go there, I (get) three or four
cheeseburgers, one french fries (to) replace Poutine, and a McCroquette
(chicken nuggets) and a Coca Cola,” he said. “I love it.”


Whether he steps up in weight or continues
dominating the welterweight class, St. Pierre says the new diet will help his
body heal faster from training stresses and make him faster in the cage.


St. Pierre’s representative, Shari Spencer, said
he will likely return to competition in early 2010. Several possibilities exist
for his next opponent: Mike Swick, Paul Daley, and, if he so chooses, Anderson


St. Pierre is still open to the prospect up
moving up in weight, but says he’s enjoying his time outside the Octagon.


“I can’t wait to be back, but I’m not in a rush,”
he said. 


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