GSP Open For Return To ADCC

Back in 2005, Georges St. Pierre was only 4 fights into his legendary UFC career. Little did the Abu Dhabi Combat Club know what kind of future star they would feature when GSP entered the 2005 competition in the 66 to 76kg weight class on short notice when invited to the tournament.

In his first round match-up, St. Pierre out wrestled and used superior technique to defeat Otto Olson on points. His next bout against Leo Santos didn’t go as well as the Canadian was forced to tap out after getting caught in an armbar.

Since that time, St. Pierre has gone on to become a 2x UFC welterweight champion while also gaining fame as possibly the top pound for pound fighter in the sport of mixed martial arts.

Regardless of titles or accomplishments, St. Pierre is a competitor and he said during a recent interview with MMAWeekly Radio that if the timing worked out, he’d love the chance to compete in the Abu Dhabi tournament again in the future.

“If I have time and the timing is good, I will do it, of course I will,” St. Pierre said. “I love competition, I’m a true mixed martial arts man, and I don’t only like MMA. I like grappling, I like wrestling, I like jiu-jitsu, I like Muay Thai, I like everything. But of course my main job is MMA.”

Many other top MMA stars still compete regularly in grappling tournaments and a great many of them are expected at this year’s Abu Dhabi championships. If timing worked out, St. Pierre would be a huge addition to the show.

And just like everything else GSP puts his mind to, he’d probably be a force in the tournament as well.