GSP and B.J. Throw Down at the Movies

Before UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre and lightweight titleholder B.J. Penn step into the Octagon for their much anticipated superfight, they’ll do battle in front of the camera. Not with each other, sadly, but in a movie coming soon to a theater near you.

St. Pierre spoke about the project Tuesday in a non-descript West Los Angeles hotel, where he roomed only steps away from former UFC champ Andrei Arlovski.

Tentatively titled, “Sex, Blood, and Fight” – a family film, no doubt – St. Pierre will appear in three scenes alongside other UFC veterans.

“It was very fun,” St. Pierre said of his first film experience. “The producer of the movie really helped me a lot. In the movie, when you punch somebody, it isn’t by the book when you learn how to punch. You don’t keep your elbow close and you don’t rotate with your core. You have to really show the move, totally the opposite of what you learn in the academy.”

Penn’s manager and brother, J.D. Penn, confirmed B.J.’s participation in the movie, but said he was not shooting any scenes with Georges. “I wish,” he said.

Georges hopes his new relationship with CAA sports will open new opportunities for him in the entertainment realm. The talent agency is among the vaunted “big three” in talent agencies, and St. Pierre is the first MMA fighter they’ve signed.

It’s unknown whether the movie is MMA-themed or not – heaven help us if it’s a sequel to “Never Back Down” – but St. Pierre’s participation certainly adds to MMA’s visibility, and a shade of class to the project.

Unless, of course, he plays a psychopathic killer.

Fighting each other, though, you’d think B.J. and Georges would have a little less trouble getting into character.