by Al Yu – MMAWeekly.com
Golden Glory’s Siyar Bahadurzada signed a four-fight contract with the newly formed Japanese mixed martial arts organization World Victory Road. On March 5, World Victory Road will hold its first event entitled ‘Sengoku’.

Born in Afghanistan, Kabul, Siyar was raised in Holland and had aspirations of becoming a professional fighter. He began his career competing in Shooto Holland events and eventually earned the nickname of “The Killer” due to his aggressive style.

“Living in Afghanistan was actually surviving…through the war and everything around it. It was really tough to live in that type of situation,” reflected Siyar. “I think the person that I am now, the character, was basically built from Afghanistan. Now I’m just following the character that was built in those fifteen years that I lived there; my discipline, my mentality and my will power. It’s the motivation that drives me to achieve everything that I want.”

Siyar’s hard work and dedication came to fruition as he was finally granted the opportunity to compete in Japan. At Shooto – Back to our Roots 4, Siyar became the first Afghan champion in Shooto history when he dethroned Shikou Yamashita to claim the 183-pound title.

“When I left home, I promised myself not to return without the championship belt. It was simple…either I return with the belt back home, or I didn’t go home at all. I was determined and I take my promises very seriously.”

Siyar is coming off of a win over Ultimate Combat World Champion Nathan Schouteren. The Dutch-Afghan fighter is now focusing on the inaugural World Victory Road event. Siyar has been preparing for his upcoming fight with his coach Martijn de Jong along with Alistair Overeem and other Golden Glory fighters

“My training is going well. It’s great to have so many great fighters on your team. We train very hard. They all have the killer instinct and we help each other out.”

The newly crowned Shooto Light Heavyweight Champion found out over a month ago he was going to face former Pride veteran Kazuo Misaki at ‘Sengoku’.

“I’m very excited about this fight. He is a great fighter,” commented the Golden Glory fighter. “He won the Pride Grand Prix tournament and Pride was the number one show on the planet with great fighters. He is wild and likes to swing. On the other hand, I like to face wild fighters.

“I think World Victory Road will be very successful. An organization becomes successful by putting on great match-ups and World Victory Road has good fighters and good match-ups as well. It’s up to the fighters to give their all in the ring.”

On March 5, Siyar Bahadurzada will face one of the toughest tests of his career.

“I’ve been raised in danger and I cannot live without danger. I have to have it in my life otherwise I don’t have the feeling that I live. I would like to thank my fans for supporting me. Put on your seat belts come March 5 because it will be a bumpy ride for Mr. Misaki!”