Greg Jackson Intended Something Different with ‘Get Some Fans’ Comment

December 12, 2011

Greg Jackson

Greg Jackson

Choose your words wisely because somebody is always listening.

It’s a lesson that MMA coaching guru Greg Jackson took to heart after comments he made on Saturday night following his fighter Jon Jones’ win over Lyoto Machida at UFC 140.

Jones choked out Machida with a nasty guillotine choke in the second round to successfully defend his UFC light heavyweight title for the second time this year.

As doctors attended to Machida in the corner, Jackson began yelling at Jones and said, “go check on Lyoto. Get some fans!”

Obviously not the best choice of words, but Jackson explained, when speaking to MMAWeekly Radio on Monday, what he was actually trying to convey with that statement.

“I said ‘go check on Lyoto Machida and get yourself some fans’ and I shouldn’t have said it that way, and it wasn’t my intention,” said Jackson.

“I wanted to remind Jon that cage decorum is to go check on the other guy, and I wanted to make sure, you’re a public figure the fans are watching. That’s what I should have said, remember the fans are watching. Remember you’re being watched, you have a responsibility to conduct yourself in a good way, and he really is a good guy,” Jackson said.

Celebrations after a big win are nothing new in the sport of MMA, but fighters are often vilified for comments made when a bout is over and commentator Joe Rogan puts the mic in their face. Steven Cantwell was famously lambasted for admitting he always wanted to snap an opponent’s limb after he defeated Razak Al-Hassan at UFC Fight for the Troops in 2008.

In this case, Jackson takes the blame for saying something he shouldn’t have, but he definitely doesn’t want it to reflect back on Jones.

“I misspoke. It sounded really bad when I heard it again. It wasn’t my intention what everybody thinks it was. After you do a fight, like Jon’s a great guy, and after a fight you’re so worked up and fighters go a little crazy. Like B.J. sometimes licks blood off his gloves, everybody has these victory dances that they all do, they go a little nuts,” Jackson explained.

With microphones all around for everyone to hear everything, Jackson just coaches to his fighters the same as he always has and sometimes forgets others are listening.

“I say stupid stuff like that sometimes like ‘go get you some Donald Cerrone.’ That’s just kind of like shorthand between a coach and a fighter. He knew what I meant. If I knew I was addressing the whole world, I would have said, ‘Jon, remember that you’re a public figure, and that cage decorum and being a good sportsman is important,'” Jackson stated.

“But it came out like I was trying to be this manipulative guy. It was a bonehead thing for me to say, but it wasn’t my intention.”

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