Press Release
This year the competition will be held at the Nationwide Arena adjacent to the Greater Columbus Convention Center. This venue is a “State of the Art” Professional sports Arena and holds 17,000.00 plus spectators.


March 3rd
Weigh-ins for Gi competition

*weigh-ins for No Gi amateur and professional will be held on March 4th at Nationwide Arena

*weigh-ins for amateur MMA will be held at the competition on March 4th and 5th

March 4th
Gi Competition-All belts, weights and age categories
Professional No Gi Qualifier
Gracie Junior Worlds
Amateur MMA

March 5th
Amateur and Professional No Gi Competition
Amateur MMA

New for 2006

Friday evening, March 3rd GFC Professional MMA “Pay Per View-Indemand Event”

Gracie Fighting Championships Amateur MMA

Gracie Junior Worlds-Rotary Scholarship

Please visit our website for more Registration fees, weigh-ins times and location and general updates on all of the events www.gracieworlds.com