Press Release

Event Date: 14-Oct-05
Event Time: 7:30 pm
Location: Columbus, OH, 43212, United States
Phone: 800-765-6999
Event Email: graciefc@aol.com
Event Contact: Gracie Staff

More Information,
The Gracie Fighting Challenge is a new series of M.M.A. events that will pit elite Gracie fighters against other well polished Mixed Martial Artist.
Fighters from several of the well known Gracie camps will be selected to fight in the series premeir shows and will be matched up against fighters from the try out series along with other well known M.M.A. fighters.

On October the 14th The Gracie Fighting Challenge will hold it’s first Official Try outs. The event will feature a Professional and Amateur card.

The full fight card will be posted soon! Fighters from Rodrigo Vaghi, Pedro Sauer-Jeff Curran and Jorge Gurgel will be featured!

Ticket Prices: *V.I.P. $50.00 Ringside $40.00 General Admission (A) $20.00 General Admission (B) $30.00

*V.I.P. seating will be very limited!

Tickets will be sold at the door! For advance tickets please call 800-765-6999 or email us at graciefc@aol.com

Venue-“Buckeye Hall of Fame Cafe” www.buckeyehalloffamecafe.com

Fight Card: Amateur

Judd Prosser 245 lbs. – T.J. Finney 255 lbs. Wyatt Rootson 155 lbs. – Jason Waller 155 lbs. John Kuhner 185 lbs. – Jason Bott 185 lbs. Bill Ricker 170-185 – Chad Truckovich 170-185 Shane Roberts 185 – Thomas Russel 185 Toney Jamie 155 – Arman Loktev 155 Randy Lee 170 – Vadim Ivonov 170 Matt Masterson 205 – Chris Proctor 205 Justin Black 220 – Dustin Holbrook

Fight Card: Professional

Josh Hendricks 250 – Steve Conkel 250 Mitch Whitesel 185 – Toby Grear 185 Jeremiah Pocock 170 – Wayne Bogard 170 Eli Ayars 185 – Tracy Taylor 185 Bart Palesewski 155 – Luke Spencer 155

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