by Marco Antico – MMAWeekly.com (Photo courtesy of tkomma.tv)
Jonathan Goulet is one of Canada’s most popular fighters mostly because of his accessibility to fans and his candid sincerity. He sports a .500 record in the UFC, but he remains undefeated in his 12 fights for the TKO organization and he’s hoping to make it 13 when he fights this Friday night.

Goulet has long been considered the second best Canadian Welterweight, behind only Georges St-Pierre. Unfortunately, circumstances never arose which gave Goulet the opportunity to compete for a championship. On two separate occasions, his hopes for a title shot were dashed as his scheduled opponent pulled out last second.

He now finds himself fighting at Middleweight for TKO 29: REPRECUSSION tonight in Montreal, Quebec. His relatively unknown opponent, Travis Axworthy, is a Muay Thai specialist from Prince Edward Island. “I am not disappointed about not fighting for the title, I’m angry!” explained Goulet. “But, in the same time that’s the first time since a while that I’m able to eat ice cream a week before a fight. I’m used to follow a damn and crazy diet for a fight, but this time I’m going to be on the scale at 185 pounds.”

Asked about his opponent, Goulet admits, “I don’t know nothing! It is going to be all improvisation! I don’t have any game plan for that fight except to hurt him. That is going to be an exciting fight for the crowd. I’m stronger and I’m more quick than before. The cut I got in sparring is perfectly healed and the training is going well. I’m doing everything to be in top shape I’m going to have cardio like I’m used to. I’m going to fight as well as I can. It’s going to be like a Storm in the cage!”

Goulet has two fights remaining on his UFC contract. “I really like to fight in the UFC. All my four fights have been on the Ultimate Fight Night. The crowd was very good and I appreciate them cheer for me, but I also hope to get in front of the bigger crowd too. Maybe after this fight, but I don’t know when it’s going to happen. I still have a busy summer with a few fights at 185 on my schedule.”

Asked for his final thoughts, Goulet was adamant in his appreciation to all of his fans. “I just want to say thank you to everybody who support me and everybody who wrote to me on www.myspace.com/jonathangoulet.”