Got $3.1 Million? If So, You Can Buy Kenny Florian’s Hollywood House

March 27, 2017

Let me check my bank account … Yup, I’m out.

Former UFC fighter and current UFC on FOX analyst Kenny Florian has done pretty well for himself since leaving the Octagon. Since hanging up the gloves, he’s secured a regular role on FOX Sports 1 programming, and then he married an absolutely gorgeous woman in Clark Gilmer. And now Kenny is looking to cash out on a fancy Hollywood pad.

The former “Ultimate Fighter” contestant and UFC legend put his English-style digs up on the market, according to an article from the Los Angeles Times. They’re looking for a buyer with $3.1 million (yikes) on a house they originally bought from Jet drummer and vocalist Chris Cester for $2.75 million (double yikes). That was a couple years ago, though, so inflation and real estate and numbers and stuff. 

It’s nice to know a fighter can still make it and score some hot property after their careers are done. After all, we have talk of low fighter pay and GoFundMe pages to help cover medical expenses. It can be real grim for fighters once their done competing, but it looks like Ken Flo is an exception to the rule and he’s living it up. Props, Kenny. 

Check out some ridiculously nice shots of Casa de Florian, courtesy of Coldwell Banker.

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