Interview courtesy of MMAManager.net
Undefeated Croatian light heavyweight fighter Goran Reljic will make his Ultimate Fighting Championship debut when he faces American Top Team fighter Wilson Gouveia at UFC 84. Leading up to the bout, Reljic was interviewed by MMAManager.net.

MMA Manager: Which city are you stationed in at the moment?

Goran Reljic: At the moment I am in the beautiful Las Vegas.

MMA Manager: What a pleasant surprise to have you in the U.S. Is it your first time there?

GR: My first time here, yes.

MMA Manager: So you must have lot of fun in Vegas?

GR: Not really. To be honest with you I haven’t seen the town yet, at the moment I just eat, train and sleep. That’s why I am here.

MMA Manager: Let me guess, you are training in Randy Couture’s gym?

GR: You are right.

MMA Manager: When did you decide to change training camp 2 months before the fight?

GR: First of all, I took strong advice from my manager Zoran Saric to come to the U.S. and prepare for the fight 2 months before, and on top of that I need to train with the UFC level fighters, which is hard to get in Europe.

MMA Manager: How is your preparation for upcoming fight coming up?

GR: Excellent, I am injury free; train 2-3 times a day usually morning strength and conditioning and night sparring and techniques.

MMA Manager: Who are your sparing partners?

GR: Randy Couture, Wanderlei Silva, Forrest Griffin, Martin Kampmann, Jay White, Mike Pyle and all the others from Extreme Couture.

MMA Manager: What do you think about Extreme Couture?

GR: It’s great because there are a lot of high-level sparring partners at the one place, trainings are hard, but that’s the only way to push forward and make the progress to win.

MMA Manager: Where did you train in Europe?

GR: In Croatia with Cro Cop, and in London with Roger Gracie.

MMA Manager: Can you explain the difference between Europe and U.S. in training of MMA?

GR: It would take me whole week to talk about, let’s say that Europe and U.S.A. are two different worlds as far as training goes.

MMA Manager: So how did you end up in UFC?

GR: I am here to fight and, I believe, one day be the best, and for everything else my manager Zoran Saric is the man who made the decisions in my career and he got me in the UFC.

MMA Manager: Let’s talk about your opponent Wilson Gouveia. What do you know and think about him?

GR: He is a good fighter with great guillotine chokes, heavy hands, strong grip and strong leg kicks, all respect to him, but he did not impress me in any way. It looks like he’s got a lot of luck fighting. For everything else, I know that I am a better fighter and I will prove it May 24 with no mercy. It’s business; it’s not personal.

MMA Manager: He is coming in from four straight wins in UFC. What do you think about that? Did he impress you in any way?

GR: Not at all, seems like he was losing in every one of them and somehow ended up with guillotine or KO, but luck is important too.

MMA Manager: What are your plans and tools for the upcoming fight?

GR: Not too many people know about me and my skills. Just for the first time, I would like to keep it a secret.

MMA Manager: This is your biggest fight so far, are you exited and mentally ready for it?

GR: Yes, I am excited and ready. I can’t wait!

MMA Manager: Any thanks to sponsors or people responsible for you career?

GR: Yes, thanks to my sponsors, my manager, all my trainers, sparring partners, and the people who supported me.

MMA Manager: We wish you best of luck and thanks for your time.