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It was a seminar filled with training tutaluge from the masters in Las Vegas on the weekend of 12/2. The legends Bas Rutten, Benny the Jet, Pat Militich, and Gokor ‘the Armenian Assassin” were on hand teaching. ‘The Armenian Assassin’, Gokor Chivichyan has an amazing story coming from Armenia all the way to America to follow his dream.

Gokor started fighting in the streets as a child till he received direction and started to receive training in wrestling and then moving on to Sambo, then Judo, and others fighting forms followed. And, according to his website,”Gokor has competed in over 400 NHB, judo, and sambo fights, and has never lost as a professional fighter.” To read more about his amazing story go to www.gokor.com.

MMAWeekly caught up with ‘The Armenian Assassin’in Las Vegas, and Gokor shared this week’s Tip Of The Week video. The video captures in depth the technique and the personal attention his students at The Warriors Retreat received. Go to MMAWeekly TV to see this video. Also, check out www.paradisewarriorretreat.com for the next Warrior Retreat. Yoram Gazit puts the retreat together combining students with the legends in combat sports.