Gökan Saki Ready to Take Face Anyone and Everyone

September 23, 2017

(Courtesy of UFC)

Legendary kickboxer Gökhan Saki did exactly what he wanted to do when he fought Luis Henrique Da Silva at UFC Fight Night 117 on Friday night in Japan.

Yes, the fight went deep into the first round. And yes, Saki finished with his patented left hand bomb. And yes, that’s what he wanted.

While many fighters want to win as quickly as possible, Saki was only competing in the second MMA fight of his professional career. He wanted to be taken out of his kickboxing comfort zone and he wanted to feel the demands of going beyond the three-minute rounds of his kickboxing career. 

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He did both. 

Now, Saki is prepared to ascend the UFC ranks, taking on anyone and everyone that the promotion can throw at him.

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