by Mick Hammond – MMAWeekly.com
With his unanimous decision victory over Stephan Bonner at this past weekend’s UFC 100 event, former UFC and Pride champion Mark Coleman proved that he is still a viable commodity.

So it’s no surprise that shortly after his win, fellow UFC and Pride veteran Allan Goes, a ghost from Coleman’s past, is seeking to once again step onto the field of battle with him and settle what Goes calls “unfinished business” between the two.

“Right now, that’s the only fight I have in my heart,” stated Goes. “It’s the only fight that I cannot sleep at night thinking about.

“I’m very humble in my heart, but I’m ready and focused to totally destroy him if I have to.”

Originally Goes and Coleman met at Pride 13 in 2001 in a fight that Goes admittedly was not his best in. It’s because of this that Goes considers the fight one of personal redemption and is willing to forgo monetary compensation for it if needed.

“Now it’s all about honor for me, so I’d fight him for free,” admitted Goes. “I would plead to Dana (White), to Joe Silva to put together this match, because I’ll put on a fight they won’t regret.

“I’d fight all the way to death – it’s live or die for me.”

If Coleman doesn’t want to face Goes again, there’s another fighter from UFC 100 that the Brazilian also would like to get a rematch with.

“I fought at UFC 18 and it was such a long time ago against Dan Henderson,” he recalled. “I just saw Dan fight and watched him kick (Michael Bisping’s) ass. (Bisping) shot off his mouth, and Dan showed that the old school is still ruling and is still in control.

“I know I could make the weight. I know I won that (original) fight, in my heart, and would love to fight Dan again. I have unfinished business with two wrestlers in the UFC, and I want to finish it.”

From there, Goes would like to continue his ongoing assault against a famous family, having defeated Daniel Gracie a few short years ago.

“I would love to fight Roger Gracie after this,” he said. “I wanted to fight Roger in the IFL, but they went out of business, but I was ready to go.

“If they want to fight in Jungle Fight in Brazil, or the UFC, it doesn’t matter, I’ll fight any of them anywhere.”